100 Years of Beauty: Vietnam (Isabelle)


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Isabelle Du

Lindsey Watkins

Meghann Oliberos

Stacie Thomas

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Rachel Jordan
Sarah Piha

“The Truth” Krupa

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  1. ơ kìa sao trang điểm r đeo khăn các cô đội mục mà lại không mặc quần áo 😡😡😡😡 cảm thấy rất xúc phạm

  2. I remember reading somewhere that black teeth was was a sign of hierarchy and that the rich would have black and the poor would white or yellowy,brown teeth, because black is a never changing color meaning that their position ,or the master they were under would never change. Where as someone poor would change masters and jobs , just like how their teeth could go from yellow to white

  3. South was just copying US styles bc of the heavy US influence there at the time, North was wearing more practical hair styles bc the women were fighting against the US

  4. She is beautiful!! I love vietnamese fashion and their passionate atmosphere. Love from Korea!🇰🇷❣️

  5. You can see in the fashion some of the north influenced by the Chinese and South influenced by the Americans

  6. It’s interesting how the north vs south in vietnam reminds me of north vs south in the usa. Though the north seemed very tough for one or two of them so im assuming battles occurred during those times, but im probably wrong cause i know nothing lol.


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