2017 Arizona Kaibab Mule Deer with Randy Newberg and Wade Zarlingo (Amazon Version)


Arizona does an amazing job of balancing opportunity with quality as it manages the legendary Kaibab Plateau. In this hunt, Randy joins long-time friend Wade Zarlingo as they ply their luck in the popular early rifle season on “The Plateau.”

It is always tough hunting these early season, but the old bucks are still there. Kaibab tag-holders can only hope lady luck will be there when he needs it.

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  1. Only on the Kaibab could you find the president of the Harley Davidson Rolling Thunder motorcycle club masquerading as a popple cop/game biologist. If he actually is a popple cop, as his badge suggests, as his principle duty per his position description, he's the most knowledgeable I've listened to. Either that or simply well practiced. And if he's a biologist, he should get that uniform off and walk the land in the same fashion as his employers (us) . Authoritarian images turn off a lot of people – including me. Why make management more of a challenge than it already is? But – it's the Kaibab. There's so much demand people drool over walking on that hallowed foundational wildlife management ground.

  2. Randy if I quit every time I had a bad year I would’ve stopped many years ago. Last year I never fired a shot the whole year. I only saw a couple of shooter bucks and one of them was so far my 550 range finder wouldn’t even give a read. I knew he was too far so I didn’t shoot at him. Year before I let bucks go that most hunters never see. Know they are there. I killed two good Whitetails that year. That is hunting. I would love to hunt out west but have never had a chance.

  3. What a magical place. I wonder, regardless of the moon or weather, if the Kaibab is over rated for opportunity to shoot a good deer. 22 points is once in a lifetime. It's true that its not all about shooting a big buck, but it sure makes you feel better on the ride home. Especially after waiting 20 years.

  4. If you want to shoot a big buck, you can't shoot a little buck. Always remember that. And if you go home empty handed, that's the mark of a good hunter. You know who told me that? Tim Treferen, Sr. God rest his soul. Thank you for showing that in this video Randy.

  5. You captured what hunting is all about. I like to see new country and try to figure out where the game is. That is fun to me. I’m glad there is a process for you to do what you do. Those shows that just show the kill don’t do it for me. Thanks.

  6. How many bonus points did you have to burn to get that tag? I have 7 and the arizona strip is the only unit I put in for.

  7. GREAT VIDEO Randy! Your video summerises everything perfectly. With each video in your series, we learn from your wisdom in both your filled and empty tags. Your hunts are real reflecting the hunts of us common folk. I personally learn from your approach to things and situations adapting what I learn to my own hunting style and approach.

  8. Hey! That AZGAF guy is the one that I saw in a Grand Canyon vid a couple months back!! Bet that guy knows every square foot of the kaibab!!!

  9. The Arizona draw is the worst setup for hunters. It dedicates tags to youth and to trophy hunters only. If you have hunted once or twice in your life you have no points so you have to buy points to get good numbers in Hope's of winning the lottery. Some trophy hunters have hundreds of points and show up just to collect the heads and walk away. My supervisor's husband spent thousands over the years and he finally won a tag and died before he could use it. Also they require you to buy a hunting license before you can put in for the lottery. If you don't win they don't refund the money and you paid for a hunting license that you can't use. It's a scam and they completely ruined hunting. You can be in the UK and win the lottery and not even make it and the tag is wasted all while a local is stuck waiting to buy in to the next lottery to hope to win. Taking away first come first serve and implementing a "pay to win" lottery system has destroyed all Hope's of increasing the popularity of hunting. I could be at the counter ready to hunt on opening day but I can't buy a tag because someone who paid Arizona Fish & Game $1000 over the price of the tag gets to hunt.

  10. I appreciate these tag soup stories as much as any of them. I have hunted out west ( colorado and NM ) 27 times and have 5 bucks to show for it. I have never felt like i wasted my money or time. Each trip was a blessing as this one will be this Nov.

  11. Thanks so much for showing these hunts also. It is more about the experience and especially as I get older I cherish the time around the camp fire with my family and friends! Oh yea, I agree, the footage with the AZ game officer was great. It contained lots of valuable information.

  12. Randy, I enjoyed this video so much! Thank you for sharing your incredible hunting experiences with your audience! I learn so much from your hunt videos, and I feel you are a wonderful ambassador for the sport and life style we in the west are so privileged to enjoy! Thank you so much, we have not met but I feel that you are a friend! Go Bobcats! My daughter just graduated from MSU on May 4th!

  13. Kaibab is not what it used to be.Back in the early seventie,s I would see upward,s of 25 trophy mule deer buck,s every day,and many huge buck,s in the 30 inch and up class,were harvested every day.Too many predator,s,thank,s to your fish and game department outlawing steel trap,s .It,s not a quality area anymore like it used to be.There are a few big buck,s killed ,but not like it used to be.Kaibab is literally over run with coyote,s.

  14. Great video! With your reaction to the "catch a deer", comment you'll probably like this video about using that terminology https://youtu.be/uW1GC4nSXaw

  15. Been there done that-heard that story. Spent many vacation weeks on hunts and unfilled tags. Of course it's always great being outdoors, but hunts without harvests does get a bit old and tired.Especially that I would only take a trophy rack. I've always spotted dear but never enough mature bucks with trophy racks. There are much more fulfilling ways to spend vacation time and money. Let the youngins go through the motions. At 60 years old I did it all enough-lol

  16. Great video randy , I really enjoyed all that you showed and how its about the time spent not just the trophy. I am a meat hunter I've never had the opportunity to be selective. So its always about spending time with friends. Very tuff hunting where I live. Thanks for the entertainment!

  17. I get so tired of the typical hunting videos that make it look we're all just out there to kill something and brag about it. While filling a tag is of course part of the goal, it's not the only way to measure a hunt as being a success. You and the Hush channel are my favorites because y'all tell the real story and can walk out of a hunt with tag soup but still be proud and successful. Thank you.

  18. I love the Work the HOPE… Any meet that come from that will be better eating cos you have good mates and buddies alone for the ride….. Cheers again..


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