2018 Vaio S Review – the 1kg Ultrabook with Horsepower and Ports


Lisa Gade reviews the 2018 edition of the Vaio S 13.3” Ultrabook. This thoroughly modern laptop weighs just 2.34 lb/ 1.06kg and is slim and stylish yet it packs ports you’d usually find only on mobile workstations like Gigabit Ethernet and VGA. The magnesium alloy clad Vaio S runs Windows 10 Pro on Intel 8th gen 15 watt quad core U series CPUs (Core i5-8250U and Core i7-8550U) with Intel HD 620 graphics. It has enhanced cooling for longer periods of Turbo Boost (called Vaio TruePerformance), and faster performance like the Dell XPS 13 9370, but with cooler core temperatures. It has a matte full HD display, fast PCIe NVMe SSDs, up to 16GB RAM and common ports like two USB-A 3.0, HDMI and a headphone jack. Pricing starts at $1199. Sony sold their Vaio PC business several years ago, and the engineers transferred to the new Vaio corporation based in Japan. Many Vaio models are available in Japan where the laptop is manufactured, but only a few like the Vaio S, are sold in countries like the US. Their US website is and the Japan website is vaio.com. In the US, Microcenter and Amazon typically carry their products.

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  5. Much better materials, performance and build quality that destroys Apple+ "made in Japan" assemblage? Just take my money…oh wait, I don't have much..!😂

  6. still have a sony 2013 vaio downloaded windows 10. works perfect. it just needs a fix.but now im not in a hurry bc i own a new hp pavilion x360 2 in 1 laptop/tablet :p

  7. Anyone else think this looks familiar? This is literally the Sony vaio pro 13. I'm watching this on a Sony vpcsa 13 and almost everything is the exact same. It's not a bad thing, actually quite good… But… This is like a ten year old design and format.

  8. I understand the target user isnt me, but I would think a Thunderbolt port or at least USB-C 3.1 + DPalt for docking would make sense.

  9. As far as USBC it really doesn't need it right now because it's not like anyone else is properly implementing it anyways.

  10. I don't like this one. I like the S11. Why'd you even review this one? It really has nothing to offer. The S11 is the real killer of the two with everything this has but better. It comes with the same i7, up to 16gb ram, same screen res, graphics, and ssd, but it's 11 inches not 13 so it's way lighter like less than 2 pounds which is crazy, actually has a higher pixel density, and longer battery life.

    I don't know why but 11 inch laptops are not popular in the states. If they are they don't have i7s. Another reason I like the S11.

    What you said about the trackpad literally makes no sense whatsoever. The very reason I'm interested in this thing in the first place is because it actually has individual buttons. It's too simple, once you have those buttons you literally cannot make any excuses because you literally have all the capability. Secondly the size of the trackpad is completely irrelevant. It's never about the size of the trackpad, it's only about the sensitivity of the trackpad. No one needs a bigger trackpad. Trackpads nowadays are so big they need palm rejection which regardless of how well it works is only complicating it, especially when we never needed it in the first place. And to think, the end result of such a mechanism is a trackpad that actually has reduced functionality because -at least most palm rejection trackpads, you don't have individual buttons so there are certain things that you just cannot do. It's reduced functionality and I don't get why people like it so much. One exception to this is the gaming laptop which people often look to for function over form reasons anyway. But they're still stupid because they're not portable or look good like the vaio s11. Nor would either an alienware, or an S11, have all the features I just mentioned plus 2 in 1 capabilities like the Z Flip which I'm still just hoping we can get to see a refresh of soon.

    I mean I know it was wrong of VAIO to come for the top like that (microsoft surfacebook), and I'll even give it yo you guys, I'll just say it, "the SB2 is the undisputed king!", but yo like, that Z was the best laptop I had ever seen in my dang life. And a lot of you commentators did the best you could to make sure no one thought highly of it but man, just to see that thing with an 8th gen chip in there bro! That would be it. Done deal!

  11. I still have vaio vpccb which i bought like 7-8 years ago and it is still working very fine.
    Vaio was king back then!!

  12. I had some doubts whether it was really designed by the old Vaio engineers. But I'm convinced now that I see the bottom side is just as ugly as it always with lots of screws and ventilation holes:)

  13. Thank you for mentioning, that this Vaio S model has the slot for a LTE Modem installed. I have purchased the Telit LN940 A11 LTE CAT-11 M.2 (originally only the A6 Model is shipped – and only in Japan) for my S13 bought Adorama. I got the confirmation from Telit, that all 2018 models have the socket and the antenna already built in. The Modem works fine without any update here in Switzerland – although there might be some different firmwares (for different Telco Providers) already pre-installed on your VAIO for the little cheaper LTE CAT-6 Model.
    I got some unofficial information, that LTE Models of the Vaio S13 will be shipped also in markets outside Japan in Q1-2019.

  14. I bought Sony Vaio on qwy.io. Delivery took 5-7 days. I can say this model is very comfortable for me. And it's equipped with very powerful processor! I can draw graphics with it!

  15. The reason for the LTE card is due to the Japanese version. On the Japanese site for Vaio it list many, many more options and also lets you chose a LTE modular and as a bounds a English keyboard althou you will need to spend a little more for shipping.

  16. I have the Sony Vaio Pro 13 from 2012 and it looks 100% like this. But with Touchscreen… Much better and you can get one for 500.– ebay. So i prefer the original from 2012.

  17. Thank you for the comprehensive review.
    I decided not to buy it because the tiny short key travel.
    I do not like any shorter than 1.8mm.

  18. I was shocked to know that there is a new VAIO. Thought they went the way of the dinosaur. Have a bunch of VAIO's. Generally they are slower but well designed. The hinge was a big problem in the old ones.

  19. They fixed heating? On my second Vaio at this point, both times had issues with heating. Also the keyboard was wear and tear, else they always delivered high performance for me.


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