Airsoft Crosman Game Face GF76 AEG CARBINE (AK-74/47 Style) Airsoft Gun


Crosman GF76 AEG Carbine electric automatic ak47/74 style 6mm airsoft gun. Sorry for the shaky camera I left an option on in the software that I made this video with and it caused the shaky problem. I apologize. Take care and leave comments and subscribe please.

Update to video!!!!! : These also come with front handles on the grip of the gun in the lower front. Mine broke easily so I forgot that negative point. But it was only 1 gun out of 2. Overall this is awesome. Don’t let these comments about broken stuff scare you. This was all out of one box so one was good and the other gun had a few non-critical parts broke. Sorry for not including this part in the video.


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  1. My battery is charged but it doesn’t want to shoot I opened the box and immediately charged the battery and it doesn’t want to work

  2. Man, I have one, it seens she is very bad! I mean, plastic every piece, internal pieces are plastic, and it got 320 fps with 0,20… it seens to be a bad gun! What do you think?

  3. I may be getting this gun for my birthday and I was wondering how sturdy or easy to break it is? All my other airguns break.

  4. I have a problem. The clip won't unwind, and I can't fire it unless it's upside down. Any idea how to fix that?

  5. If your in the market you can not go wrong with Kwa or G&G even Elite force for the same 200 $. And you will actually enjoy playing.


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