Bleach: Blade Battlers 2nd – All Bankai's / Special Attacks (4k 60fps) BLEACH ~ブレイド・バトラーズ 2nd


Bleach: Blade Battlers 2nd – All Bankai’s / Special Attacks (4k 60fps) BLEACH ~ブレイド・バトラーズ 2nd
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  1. 00:01 ichigo
    01:12 sado
    02:14 uryu
    03:34 orihime
    04:28 rukia
    05:41 renji
    06:45 hitsugaya
    07:49 rangiku Matsumoto
    08:31 yoruichi
    09:29 urahara
    10:36 shunsui kyoraku
    11:21 sajin komamura
    12:00 mayuri
    12:31 yamamoto
    13:19 soifon
    13:58 byakuya
    14:47 jushiro ukitake
    15:23 ikkaku
    16:31 yumichika
    17:26 yachiru
    18:12 zaraki
    19:20 kira
    20:07 gin ichimaru
    21:07 shinji
    22:23 hiyori
    23:15 ulquiorra
    24:12 grimmjow
    25:17 yammy
    26:20 momo
    27:12 aizen
    28:18 hollow ichigo/zangetsu
    29:21 luppi
    30:13 shuhei
    31:09 tosen
    32:01 ururu tsumigiya
    32:57 kon

  2. Ahaha I always let my lil bro to hit me until my hp is 20%.After that Imma end up beating him and always interrupt his atk with R1+X.The feeling when you're using kenpachi,SAIKONAZE!

  3. In my opinion, this is one of the most underrated games I have ever seen, it's just huge fun and much more unique than the other Bleach games we have

    Bleach games aren't known for their great story modes I guess, this one isn't an exception, the story mode and battlers mode are I guess a bit above average, but the fighting and the mechanics are amazing! The game is fantastic and I am pretty sad that not a lot of people talk about it.. 🙁

  4. This honestly doesn't look as good as Bleach Heat The Soul 7 Which I have and play nearly every day. I mean this looks good but most of the specials look lame in comparison to HTS7. Also no Nel?! REALLY GUYS? REALLY? Well that being said the fact that Ururu and Kon are playable make it worthy of buying.

  5. are you guys serious? if this game played like Naruto or dbz it wouldn't have been fun. and just to let yall know I have this game its super fun with friends its up to 4 players. plus you can do those bankais on one screen with all 4 players on the screen lol
    id say its more fun than that overrated smash bros 2d style 4 player brawler

  6. Damn this game bring back many good memory,just quick note you can do Special Attack before you're doing Bankai and it's gonna do different animation
    I think you can include that for the part 2 if you want 😆

  7. I had always wanted a good Bleach fighting game on the big consoles, back when I was a fan. But now, the window has passed and the final story arc in the manga was ANNOYING AS F*CK to endure. Such a tragedy, Bleach is…

  8. Damn man you keep making me think Yuyuhakusho and Bleach are getting new console games, but I feel you PS360HD2, deep down inside you want both series to come on PS4 like we all do.


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