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In this video I show you how to create a countdown timer. This video is very simple and great for beginners.

Time.deltaTime Docs –

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Engine: Unity –
Modeling: Blender –
2D Editing: Paint.NET –
Programing: MonoDevelop – it gets downloaded with Unity, but here
is the link anyways

Organization: HackNPlan –

—Outro Music—
Song: Horizon (feat. Tylah Rose) – Loreno Mayer & Haesën
Music provided by Ninety9Lives

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27 Replies to “Countdown Timer In Unity – Easy Beginners Tutorial/ Guide”

  1. Never be afraid to google stuff you already know. You will not only save yourself some trouble, but you may end up learning that there are other (perhaps even better) ways of going about it.
    I have done this very thing hundreds of times before, and yet I still come to videos like these because I forget how to go about doing it.

  2. I’m pretty new to Unity and C#. I’m working on a Pong clone and I want to add a countdown timer to the ball so that the ball explodes when the timer reaches zero. Since the paddles and the ball can’t be triggers could I use OnCollisionEnter2D to reset the timer every time a player hits the ball, or is this more difficult than I am thinking? Any advice is appreciated.

  3. Hey I know I am like all the other guys asking for their specific situation on what to do but I can't seem to find anything on how to this: I made the timer and it works, I have an object in my scene and I want it to be that when the player hits the object it adds 10 seconds to the timer. How do I do this? I found some stuff about this online but it didn't explain enough to make it work.

  4. This produces a lot of NullReferenceExceptions in the console, how come? It can be ignored, but I'm wondering why.

  5. Great video just one question, im trying to make it so that when the counter hits 0, an object loses its rigid body component, is there a way to make it update that way?

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