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48 Replies to “Couples Drinking Game – "Tipsy Tower"”

  1. whyd they cover there beer up ?? lol
    ive seen so many beer chugs on here , whats the point too cover them up lol weknow you drinking medelo haha

  2. Aww man if i had seen this video earlier i would of invited you guys on my birthday.. played this game an i had tacos for days lol

  3. AAAGGHH! I need this game or life is just not worth living anymore….until something else can fill the void…lol jk.

    You and your friends are fun to watch. The shun part was really suspenseful although I thought he was going to do some crazy stuff to get you to fail.

  4. Hahaha dang i miss having this type of games with my boy and his girl and my girl too bad we all split up lmao…

  5. My favorite part is when they tell you they are both left handed. Cause I'm a lefty as well!
    Snapchat: twilmond89

  6. Lol if you guys do come to Wyoming. Come to Gillette. So we can hang out or play this sweeet game.

  7. My favorite part was when David reveals his plot to get Kim drunk so he can get some 😂.

    Snapchat: chaveznick74

  8. Hah, even if I lived in L.A. I would not provide the alcohol and food for all 4 of you come on! Be more reasonable than that lol.

  9. oh and my fave part was when Audri was like "or i'll beat that pussyyyyyy shit. " and everyone looked so confused  lmao

  10. When Kim said the sex on the hood of a car was revenge on her roommate for steeling her tampon 😂😂


  11. favorite part was when Kim told david that having sex with him was revenge for a tampon being stolen, and David realized she could resist. lmao. snapchat: futter.bly

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