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Cinderella has been trapped by a fairy spell gone awry! Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother and her apprentice fairy, Tatiana, need the help of a real Princess friend -YOU! Help free Cinderella from the spell by decorating the most beautiful Castles in all the land. Decorate and furnish the castle interiors and exteriors, and then, go on a mission to find the missing gemstones, which are the key to free Cinderella from her enchanted state!

Cinderella’s Castle Designer is a computer game to build the castles from the 1950 Disney animated film, Cinderella.

Cinderella’s Castle Designer builds on the creative and compelling legacy of Disney Princess games by giving girls ages 5 and older the opportunity to create and decorate the castle of their dreams. Once finished, they will experience a wonderful storybook adventure that enables them to free Cinderella from the magic spell that locks her in the Fairy Tale book. Girls can customize the exterior of the castle, design the landscaping, and furnish the entire castle in a unique 3-D interface that lets them explore every nook and cranny of their castle creation.

Once you select a symbol on the Sign-In page, it will turn to the Castle Selection page.

On the left page of the Storybook is the picture into which Cinderella has been accidentally enchanted.

The right page has 5 castle icons…links to the 5 castles that you must decorate if you wish to free Cinderella from her enchantment. To free Cinderella, you must decorate all 5 castles and then find the missing gems to the picture frame in the Enchanted Spell Game.

Enchanted Spell Game

Free Cinderella from the Enchanted Spell!

Tatiana has accidentally trapped Cinderella in a storybook. The only way to rescue her is to restore all 5 of the gems to the mirror frame in the book. The 5 gems are hidden throughout Cinderella’s enchanted castle. You can access the enchanted castle by clicking on the picture of Cinderella in the mirror. But, to access the picture, you must first decorate all 5 of the castles.

Once you decorate all 5 of the castles, click on the picture of Cinderella in the mirror.

Throughout Cinderella’s enchanted castle, you can explore freely to discover the hidden gems. You may need to move furniture and other items during your search for the gems. The Fairy Godmother, Tatiana and Cinderella will all offer helpful clues to assist you.

Use the Castle Map to move from one room to the next.

An inventory at the bottom of the screen will display the found gems once they are discovered. Your Magic Wand cursor will sparkle brightly when you are close to the hidden gem.

Upon the discovery of each hidden gem, when you return to the Castle Selection page, the gem will be placed in the mirror’s frame.

Once all 5 gems have been discovered, Cinderella will be freed from her enchantment.

The Fairy Godmother is always available to help you. Just select her image if you need help at any time in the game.

Minimum System Configuration:

If your system does not meet any one of the following minimum system requirements, Disney’s Cinderella’s Castle Designer will not perform properly.

Microsoft® Windows 98/Me/XP*
Pentium™ II class processor, 300 MHz
100MB free hard disk space
8X speed CD-ROM drive
16-bit DirectX 8.1-compatible sound card
8MB video card with 3D acceleration, 16-bit color depth, DirectX 8.1-compatible
Direct X 8.1 (included)

Recommended System Configuration:

Disney Interactive Customer Support recommends the following system specifications for your computer to run Disney’s Cinderella’s Castle Designer with the best possible performance.

Pentium™ II class processor, 400MHz

Released: March 11, 2003

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