DIY Marble Solitaire Game – #BuildAtHome Project – Scrap Wood Challenge!


Since we’re all stuck at home, a few maker friends decided to share easy to build scrap wood projects! This was a fun challenge to work with what I got and my kids love playing the game!

For more details, check out my website – where you can find the free template and links to everyone else’s #BuildAtHome projects!

You can also watch the other project videos from this playlist –

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1″ Core Box Bit:

1/2″ Core Box Bit with Bearing:

Spiral Upcut Bit:

Thin Kerf Ripping Blade I Love:

FTG Blade I Love for Joinery:

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Makita Trim Router:

Center Punch:

Card Scraper:

Double Sided Tape:

DFM Dowel Plate:

Furniture Finish:

3/4″ Forstner Bit:

Triton Router (It comes with that circle jig!):

Ryoba Saw:


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  1. Everytime you reminds me of two guys, 1st is Bob he likes to make stuffs..
    2nd is me, somewhere in parallel universe…
    Strange attraction

  2. Thanks for dredging up memories of my childhood, playing this game at my grandparents home in Scotland. I found a great bit of wood and built one for my grandchildren to play with at our house here in Australia. I hope that in 50 years time they might remember, and pass the game on to their grandchildren too – wherever they might be in the world by then.

  3. wonderful video and wonderful idea….i was just browsing youtube looking for inspiration and this was perfect! and a very nice family end….wonderful. thank you for being awesome!

  4. I accepted the challenge. I had some wood discs cut from an oak three years ago. They were not flat or even. Took a few min.s to build a router sled. Next I had to build a circle jig. Turned out great. I left the live edge on it for character. My grandson will love it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. As of May 20/20 25 people did not like this. I guess they believe that children should not be allowed to have toys. That's pretty grim.

  6. Cool video. Three points define a plane, so three felt pads won't wobble, much like a three-leg stool doesn't wobble.

  7. I memorized the peg version of this game at crackle barrel. Totally impressed my family until they realized I looked it up.

  8. It's so refreshing to have a non-blond showing her beauty, skills and laughter teaching us master woodworking talent!!! The bonus is the pure excitement from your children seeing and playing with your new project. I'm so glad I came across your site recently. My Gain and I Thank You, w.w./Oklahoma

  9. We had the peg version of this game when I was a kid in the 70s. Great game and a wonderful pastime until you figure out the pattern and win every time… (-:

    My Uncle Bob would accuse me of cheating and throw the board across the room…

  10. This is actually on my project list, but finding marbles is for some reason really hard or expensive!
    I also love how you solve the marble hole problem, I was looking for 1/2 ball end buts.

    Basically, when I make mine, I will be using your techniques 😁

  11. If there is a god, I offer my thanks to them for you, a safe port in a storm of utter insanity. Your kids are so, so lucky.

  12. So I think if you had cut the initial groove by measuring 6 inches from the center to the edge of the bit instead of the center of the bit that your template would have felt perfectly on the top.

  13. Is it too easy if diagonal jumping is allowed? Just think that would make it more interesting? Maybe!? Have them try it that way?

  14. Cool, now make a game board for Parcheesi and Chinese Checkers. They're good multiplayer games. My grandpa made us one in the sixties with Parcheesi on one side that you flipped over for Chinese Checkers. My sister still has it, framed on wall now.
    Edit: to correct spelling of Parcheesi 🤔


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