Dragon Rage (PS2) – Walkthrough – Part 1 – Bonelands


Haven’t seen any full walkthroughs of this game so I’ve decided to record one myself 😛 And boy oh boy, this game’s not easy to record.

Quick tip: It’s a tutorial level, so just do what the game tells you to. Also, took me a while to figure out at first: to activate your “Dragon power” you need to press the square button on you controller. On fire gem you gotta be quick to press square button first and then press X.

Recorded on PCSX2 1.40 emulator.

Sorry for the slowdowns in the videos: this game must run in software mode on the emulator (or else the graphics on the top half of the screen messes up) which makes it a bit slow. Did my best to smooth things up.

Nguồn: https://twentyfiveautumn.com/

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  1. So, this game is kinda what would happen if Spyro had a baby with the first Postal. Gotta admit, it had a good potential. But sadly, 3DO tended to really mess stuff up shortly before their bankruptcy.

  2. I remember having this game as a child. Despite people saying it was kind of bad I thought it was fun as hell. Because I had a huge ass obsession with dragons at the time.

  3. i had this game once….god it was a mix of bad and good. bad controls, decent cutscenes I suppose, but ur death scenes….holy crap.


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