Earthworm Jim – SNES Gameplay


Game info/discussion at | “Earthworm Jim” (SNES), published by Playmates, 1994 | Basic demonstration of natural gameplay; no commentary, no cheats/tool-assistance, not a speed-run. Captured from an original model North American SNES console.

SNESguide is currently in the process of produding gameplay video for the approximately 715 unique titles produced for the original 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in the North American market. The SNESguide project began in 2008 as the original NESguide project was nearing completion of it’s initial goal to capture all NES games.

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  1. You know what grind my gears?

    Consoles wars! I don't what freaking big fuss about…..

    Sega Genesis version and this SNES IS A FREAKING SAME THING! In facts 90s Sega fans and 90s Nintendo fans are stupid on the 90s.🤦🏽‍♂️

    In facts, I so glad I was a Sane gamer. Likes, who freaking cares about sound or graphics. I love both SNES and Sega Genesis at the same time since I was young kid while my parents got tons of SNES and Sega Genesis games on computer during 2004.

  2. While this game looked pretty and all, it used to be extremely bad for little kids, there was bad communication of what you saw with what these were supposed to do, for example the jewels and some other areas especially were confusing. Also another thing was that the game wouldnt save, if you lost (around the 3rd stage usually you might get stuck) you will have to do the entire thing from the beginning, as you can imagine for little kids this is impossible and it can create a bit of ptsd, personally I did not want to play games after I played this one. The stage where you get stuck is around after this one or the next one I believe.

  3. How did I miss out on this game? I remember the title but I never played it. Looks awesome. Gonna get the rom..


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