Every PSP Emulator You Will Need! (30 Emulator Pack)


Hi guys, Tech James here,

Get 30 of the most popular emulators on your PSP/PSP GO easily! Your PSP must have custom firmware to use these emulators!

This video is for educational purposes only.

➤ (Emulators Pack):

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  1. Hi James, quick question. Apart from Neo Geo and Mame and Capcom, do all other Roms need to be unzipped to run?

  2. It's crazy how many things the PSP will actually run I was hoping one day they would make a Nokia n-gage emulator for it but no one's made that for anything not even the new pocketGO 2 or rg350
    Here's a list of what can be run on a PSP there's probably more than I can remember but it all can be looked up online
    In no particular order
    Thompson mo5
    Thompson mo7
    ZX Spectrum
    Commodore 64
    Amstrad CPC
    Cps1, cps2, Neo Geo mvs Neo Geo CD
    Fairchild f
    TurboGrafx PC engine
    Plus turbografx & PC Engine CD games,super CD
    Arcade CD
    CD games are a little buggy they have to be in
    ISO/MP3/TOC format to work
    Sega 32x
    Sega Genesis Mega Drive
    Sega CD & Mega CD games have to be ISO/MP3
    Super Nintendo & Super famicom
    Nintendo, famicom, famicom disk system
    Master System
    Nintendo 64
    Ti-99, ti-92
    Radio Shack TRS-80 computer
    PlayStation 1
    Atari 800, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Atari St
    Sega Saturn but only boots up logo and really slow
    Game Boy, Game Boy Color Game Boy Advance
    Game Gear
    Neo Geo pocket
    Wonderswan and wonderswan color
    Atari lynx
    Watara supervision
    Nintendo DS but games not really playable
    Game & Watch
    Pokemon Mini
    Dreamcast vmu?

  3. Help, when I run a game in my PSP it always takes a while in the game's loading screen, then just turns the PSP off. I already have the cfw and everything but some of the games is still corrupted even though I placed it in the correct folder. HELP PLS!!

  4. im having a problem when i download a rom and move it to the folder it belongs in i would then go to my psp and try to load it but then my psp just shuts off after. could it be the rom it's self being the problem? and where can i download roms safely?

  5. This is REALLY awesome. Thank you SO much! This gave us the info and the links we needed. We would have really struggled otherwise to find these emulators elsewhere and maybe only a few or even one at a time. Tech James saved us time and LOADS of stress-now we've added our own ROMS and we are playing our PSP instead of trying to make it work right. YOU ROCK! SUPERSCRIBED AND SHARED!

  6. I got a couple N64 games to work pretty good. You just have to turn off the audio and play with the settings. Mario Kart and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 work great.

  7. Lmao the haters crack me up, they clearly have no idea how much knowledge Tech James has shared with the soft mod/emulation community. Another great video! Keep it up James!

  8. Great material, thank you very much, I guess something has escaped where is emu mame unless you know some good mame replacement for psp, unfortunately the official can't see most games for me 🙁

  9. Can someone help Everytime I try to open an emulator it just tells me file is corrupted or error what should I do ?


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