Evolution of Mountain Dew Game Fuel (2007-2019) – Halo 3, MW3, etc.


The History of Mountain Dew Game Fuel from 2007 to 2019. Evolution of Mountain Dew Game Fuel Halo 3, Game Fuel World of Warcraft, Game Fuel Modern Warfare 3, Halo 4 and more!

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  1. The wow one had you vote for the faction you like. you then got a pet and a game fuel charge if you went near the opposite faction with the pet and they had the pet they would fight. the horde got red lightning and the alliance got blue they would shot each other. I think the alliance won so for a few years you could only get one flavor. Years later they added both back in.

  2. Speaking of those giveaways for the MW3 game fuel. There was a giveaway for a MW3 themed Jeep Wrangler and I saw it almost 2 years ago in MN. Took a picture and needless to say I was genuinely shocked. I actually just did a search for it on google and there's literally one for sale in MN. Has to be the same one I saw.

  3. I honestly haven’t had citrus cherry dew since the halo 3 promo and I thought that was the one and only time it was sold which led me to this video in search of this flavor. Now that I know for sure that game fuel is sold I’m boutta ride the nostalgia train here folks…

  4. Muwhahahahahaha I would just take pictures of the codes off of Doritos at the CVS hahahaha free X2 xp… Back the. Lol

  5. I remember the world of war craft mtn dew ads as a kid. I was actually scared because I thought if I drank it I would turn into one of the monsters. My 5 year old mind was petrified of thinking that people would turn into those monsters and kill people

  6. This video taught me I missed out on SO MANY game fuel releases
    LMAO the last time I had one was for MW3… I'm in need of some citrus cherry you feel?

  7. I actually went to my local grocery store to look for the new Amp Game Fuel and noticed Citrus Cherry on the shelf with no flavor logo or game fuel logo but the tag below it still said "MTN DEW GAME FUEL".

  8. I really wish they’d get rid of the amp game fuel stuff and just bring back regular sugary game fuel. The fake sugar ruins it.

  9. When game fuel was at Arby's…the workers there told me not to get it. I said that I liked game fuel, and they shrugged. It tasted nothing like the original!! It was probably the worst fountain soda I've ever had, it tasted just like cough syrup.

  10. Still sell citrus cherry in stores it’s super hard to find as it has no gamefuel badge and looks just like code red

  11. I still have an original Halo 3 Game fuel can sitting on the shelf in my room. Reminds me of the best times of my life.

  12. never liked mountain dew, drank juice more than soda, but ya no i needed that 2x xp for mw3 so i bought the soda just for the code.


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