FINDING MY PASSION | Mermaid Splash! Passion Festival | #1


Mermaid Splash! Passion Festival is off to an adorable start! Why did I wait this long to play this game?

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Fan art by:

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Intro animation courtesy of the very awesome MikeTM:

Outro track by IraW.

Outro screen courtesy of Makorie:


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  1. This is it. This is the highest quality content in all of the YouTube-verse. I’m officially selling my soul to this series and this game I would 100% go to hell for cici

  2. I love this game so far! the characters are SO adorable !!! I really like the art girl's design 😊 I'm looking forward to more episodes!

  3. Yes! Excited for a new visual novel! Nami has a fun art style. They had me at "food" 😉 haha! Sounds like a great festival! Look at all those voices needed in this game. Gardening to help decorate your house. That's a great reason to learn. I like the bubble noise for some of the chat boxes and how everyone has a different sound. Coconut is cute AND has a great name! Some foods you can only get at a festival…gotta treat yourself 😉 I thought Bea looked cute when the characters were introduced. It's cool you're hanging out with her and the Dojo path seems nice. Looking forward to seeing how the next two weeks go.

  4. Oh my god, I'm already in love with this!! It's an adorable colony of BLACK mermaids! Bringing up the color of their skin may be sensitive but as a black woman in love with fantasy, this makes my heart thump. I've ALWAYS wanted to see more black mermaids, they're my favorite mythological creature. Personally I would've done dance lessons – I'm gonna see if I can play this for myself and see what that route is like. Can't WAIT to see more Brian, please upload soon 😀

  5. The pastel colors are so pretty! I gotta admit I'm already a sucker for the gardener, but I love succulents 💕🌵

  6. I’ve been wanting you to play this game for the longest! The art is SO cute and the characters are nice (especially Shark bae).

  7. This game is so cute!!! Since you mentioned that you were getting into a new visual novel i got so exited 😀 I'm really gonna enjoy this series for sure!

    (Bea is super cute and i LOVE her, but i'm really curious about the Art Club route–)

  8. I saw “Mermaid” in the title and came running. I LOVE mermaids! They’re my favorite mythological creature. Also, this game is hella cute! I can’t wait to see more!


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