Game Boy Advance Longplay [197] Spyro 2: Season of Flame


Played by: NPI

100% Run

The second GBA Spyro game, which is much more fun than the first one, and much easier. The controls are still problematic a bit but that’s not uncommon for isometric games. Unlike the previous one, here you get to play certain levels with Sheila the kangaroo and Agent 9 the monkey. Due to a bug in the level Mondo Volcaono you can’t get all the gems at once, so that’s why I had to go back and find the remaining one. In the end, got all the 8000 gems and saved all the fireflies.

04:05:56 Sparx Panic bonus game (endless, so I gave up after a while)
04:14:53 Dragon Checkers bonus game

04:19:06 The bad ending (if you dont collect all of the fireflies)


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  1. 1:03:32 omg i remember this
    1:31:02 Literally remember this, it was nearly 15 years ago
    1:40:00 ramming through these pot hole guys
    1:51:43 I remember i was like 7-8 years old and my mom asking me to do the dishes

  2. Who else used to play this before they could read so they would run around aimlessly but still be entertained?

  3. The Gameboy Advance really was a Fun, Exciting, Stunning, Rare and Excellent way to Experience the Next Generation of a Handheld Mini Console! It was that Popular in that era!

  4. The level Alpine adobe with Agent 9 is really funny and cool. The Agent 9 music is so hilariously amusing! The music is so funny that it jumps and falls of a record! Lol!

  5. I'm not a Fan of Spyro The Dragon! I'm not interested in the games. They are nothing compared to Sonic The Hedgehog SEGA Games!

  6. The Gameplay of Spyro Season of Flame is way better Exciting than the previous rubbish spyro season of ice!

  7. Spyro 2 Season of Flame has perfect better Game Techniques than the ridiculous annoying S*** ***hole Spyro Season of Ice! That game was obviously S** compared to this Game!

  8. I think that this game Spyro 2 Season of Flame is way better than the Rubbish Season of Ice, that game was 0/10!

  9. I had this game as a kid on my gameboy, good times, I googled this now to remind myself of my spyro memories because im playing through spyro reignited

  10. 3:45 And hurt those adorable innocent little sheep? What did they do to deserve that?! Those little sheep could be mothers and fathers of innocent little lambs that care for them and guide them! That is just animal cruelty Hunter!


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