GDA: Braum Sejuani Deck | Season of Fortune | LoR Game | Legends of Runeterra


Garbage deck activate Braum Sejuani!

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  1. For me so far here in Asia, it's just nonstop aggro season ever since the game came out. The Japanese tend to play more trolly and fun decks, but other than that, it's mostly aggro.

  2. I'd be very happy about a "Meta Monday" for EU and NA, due to me living in EU and when trying out some of the decks I sometimes don't understand how the are working on your ladder, yet on mine nearly every deck counters it. Keep up the great content though, really appreciate all the videos. 🙂

  3. i would really appreciate, since i live in italy, if you do a different tier list for the eu server, i can't find any youtuber as good as you that plays in eu. Hope you read it bro.

  4. Yeah it's hell. but it also makes me a tiny bit proud knowing we're torturing you swim ;D
    Love from england.

  5. figured out the hard way that the costs reduction gets reset on recall when i was trying a katarina + soloist deck 🙁

  6. so what is wrong with this kind of decks? i prefer losing to this than a elusive, agro or the sejuani/mf deck that you find all the time

  7. I will watch this mans stream for hours then instantly watch all his YouTube videos which is just his stream fed to me again in a different form and I don’t even play this game anymore

  8. Anivia: "Swim, I've come to bargain".
    *Dies, revives*
    "Swim, I've come to bargain".
    *Dies, revives*
    "Swim, I've come to bargain".
    *Dies, revives*
    "Swim, I've come to bargain".
    *Dies, revives*
    "Swim, I've come to bargain".
    *Dies, revives*
    "Swim, I've come to bargain".
    *Dies, revives*
    "Swim, I've come to bargain".

  9. Imagine if every game was like this, except it literally lasted until every single card in your deck was used up.

    Welcome to Hearthstone control mirrors.

  10. My favorite deck is Keg Control and i have to deal with frking freljord Control Decks all day. Im literally in danger of committing suicide. Thanks EU

  11. Me: opens video to watch some game moments
    Very deep thoughts tho

  12. "I can't take this!" says the guy who once inflicted an infinite mushroom combo deck on a poor unsuspecting soul in ladder…


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