Gettin Tipsy With My Gals #TipsyTower


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Shot & Edited by:
Beleeve Entertainment
Music by Bianca Giselle

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  1. Never realized Kate was so tall… or is this a female reenactment of when Gandalf came to visit Bilbo, with all the dwarfs? Sorry all in good fun. You all look great!

  2. Bowling… take a drink for every pin you leave up, pick someone to drink if you pick up a spare, and everyone but you drinks if you get a strike. its can get spendy but its worth it.  if you dont feel like spending that much money, you can always dust off your Wii and play it that way but you wont drink near as much.

  3. Funniest drinking story. Only thing I can think of was the time my mate drank straight vodka for the first time at mate 2's 18th birthday (legal drinking age in Australia).

    He was doing shit like he put a traffic cone on his head (i don't remember where he got the traffic cone) and said "I am your God. Bring me your virgins." then grabbed me. On the way home he whipped it out and started peeing while walking. He found a cat and started petting this cat in the middle of the road. He started saying to me, "xXWindsniperXx, you don't have a cat you don't understand. This is how you pet a cat." and he was petting it for ages all while I was trying to get him off the road. I'd like to point out that all of this cat/peeing stuff happened only after turning the corner from mate 2's house who lives 2nd from the corner of his street.

    He probably did more than that but it was a few years ago and I don't remember any more

  4. Wow that looks like a lot of fun, although I think I would have to switch to soft drink pretty early on… = )

  5. The only drinking game I play is the one where you drink until you aren't sad about life anymore. I lose at that one a lot.


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