Hidden Features in EWOK HUNT! – Star Wars Batlefront 2


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  1. Hi,

    1) What activates the Ewoks' nets while entrapping the Stomtroopers? (Which key)
    2) Which key allows u 2 emote either as a Stormtrooper or an Ewok?

  2. Would anyone like to see a game in star wars battlefront 2 named geonosisian hunt where you are a clone trooper in the cater combs of the trippa hives and you have to survive the zombie geonosisians and normal geonosisians until bomb sqaud arrives to blow an entrance into the cater combs so you can escape.

  3. Usually when I spawn as an Ewok the troopers are at the trees so I just throw them a present evil fireflies to kill em then I use the jump attack and eliminate them

  4. Im looking for a good tips and tricks vid for ewok hunt youtubers only made videos on it when it first released. One big tip the fire nade cannot make you commit suicide. Throw it at your feet if surrounded or when waiting to board the shuttle.

  5. My friend and I survived the whole round by staying outside with no lights.
    No lights increased our survival chances. Also crouching removes ur footprints from Ewoks sight.
    Basically avoid the caves by crouching and turning off ur flashlight, it’s surprisingly effective and we had Ewoks run past us without seeing us.

  6. I'm just so very happy that they even put this into the new battlefront. I love ewoks and have been waiting for this a very long time. Cheers little Ewoks.

  7. Those sparkling fairy things in the game are actually from the courage of Caravan an Ewoks movie 👍🌟🐇😁

  8. also there are destroyed walkers around the map. if there are stormtroopers near the walkers the ewoks can use the humm from them to mask their footsteps


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