How to backup ANY Sony Xperia firmware using Update Service and the FlashTool


In this tutorial, I show how to backup your EXISTING OFFICIAL LATEST (!) Sony Ericsson Xperia firmware. This can be a GENERIC firmware or a (carrier) BRANDED firmware but must be an OFFICIAL Sony Ericsson firmware ALREADY on your phone.

Again, this will download the LATEST firmware available for your device or SI build. You CANNOT use this method to backup an older firmware.

This process forces Update Service to download the LATEST EXISTING OFFICIAL firmware and to reinstall it on your phone. Once the firmware is downloaded through Update Service, you can copy those files to another folder and subsequently decrypt and extract the files to create a FlashToolFile (.FTF extension) for use with Bin4ry’s FlashTool.

Making a backup allows you to modify your existing firmware, install custom ROMs, or otherwise tweak your Xperia and keep a copy of the official firmware for restoration, if/when needed. e.g. for warranty purposes.

This ONLY works on phones with LOCKED bootloaders. If you’ve unlocked your bootloader, you can NO LONGER use Sony’s apps (Update Service, PC Companion) to update/flash your phone (some phones can re-lock their bootloader.)
It does NOT unlock your bootloader (or relock it).
It does NOT network/SIM unlock your phone (or relock it).
Your phone does NOT have to be rooted.

Flashing via Update Service will WIPE EVERYTHING off your phone. BACKUP FIRST!
e.g. SMS Backup & Restore, Sony Ericsson Backup, Titanium Backup, APN Backup (3G settings), etc.

Existing (official) firmwares:
X10i/X10a v1.6:
LT15a arc v2.3.4:
LT18a arc v2.3.4:

Before starting, I recommend installing BOTH Update Service AND PC Companion:

You also need the FlashTool to decrypt and repackage the firmware:
Original developer thread:

Update Service typically downloads the firmware files to the following folder:
64-bit system: C:Program Files (x86)Sony EricssonUpdate Servicedb13740270blob_fs
32-bit system: C:Program FilesSony EricssonUpdate Servicedb13740270blob_fs

If you can’t find the folder, do a search for “13740270”.

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  1. I could not use Pc companion anymore. I got an error update information currently not accessible. And I uninstalled it and try to reinstall then asking me to update pc companion but not able to update and its closed. Now sony changed to Xperia Companion. Is there any way to backup my firmware with xperia companion?

  2. i didnot found any file on C:ProgramDataSony MobileUpdate Enginedb even name file and file sizemore than some kb

  3. On newer versions of PC Companion/ Update Service, you'll have to look for "db" folder in this directory:
    C:ProgramDataSony MobileUpdate Enginedb
    Have fun 😉

  4. hello 

    can you help me i have xperia c i rooted it before some time but today it freeze and restart it stuck in sony logo after trying many solution i got that i need to flash it because frimware is corrupted but when i use flash tool after switching it off my phone automatically switches on and flash tool can't able to recognize my phone need help please help ……..

  5. Can u plz help, I installed update service but when I run it says an error has occurred, please see the log file.

  6. Hi! Thanks for this video. I have one question to you: What should I do if I want to backup existing older firmware? My phone, PC Companion and SUS offer a newer version of firmware (4.3), but I would like to backup the older version (4.1.2) that is just in my phone. Thanky you very much!

  7. Hello! 

    Could you help me? I have an Xperia V, and I wanted to update fw (for a user-made, but based on official android system) 

    I installed the OS on the SD card, it didn't work, then I installed on the phone. 
    It keeps restarting after Sony logo every time, and I can't even reach it from my computer via USB. 

    People keep telling me to use flashtool, but I don't know how to reach it. 

    I would appreciate any ideas 🙂 Thank you.

  8. hi Jeremy it looks you are an expert on xperia…. hope you can help, i just updated my xperia m yesterday with the new system update android version 4.3 and 15.4.A.0.23. and i hate it. is there any way i can undo it, downgrade back to the prevoius version?

  9. If anyone can't find it, for me it was in "C:Program Files (x86)Sony MobileUpdate Servicedb13740270blob_fs"

  10. hassaan zia…….should i select the no final verification option after naming my phone model ,version,branding or not ?…….thanks mate….

  11. A little update:
    the first flash tool link does not work. the second one does not have update file with it. so just download file>switch Pro. that will activate advance button.
    click tools>SEUS dycrypt.
    and in the end it will not ask for model number.

  12. Most likely no.
    Update Service always downloads the latest firmware.
    XDA has a collection of firmwares anyways so why bother going through the effort when you can just download it? Just Google "0f95d3eb2493a42b232bbf02fc0b87a6"

  13. Hi,
    I have an Xperia Pro (no branded). It comes with original firmware GingerBread 2.3.4 (4.0.2.A.0.58). I never upgraded, never rooted and the bootloader is still intact (never unlocked). The phone is exaclty as when it came out of the box. I want to backup my current FW exaclty as it is, can I follow this video tutorial in order to achieve this task?

  14. hi,,,i have a question….can i install original note 2 software on copy original note 2 (high copy) it have android v. 4.1.5 i need the 4.1.2 please answer me

  15. Thanks, this was very useful! I did find one blooper, though. You say you want to prove to us that it's an LT17a, so we look really hard and try to unblur the image… and then it pops into view and we see… dum dum dum dum dum… LT15a! 🙂 Seriously though, thanks for a great video!

  16. IM USING THIS TUTORIAL ON forum xda-developers Neo L, Neo, Neo V} THE "DESSERT" JOURNEY {Flashing//Rooting//CWM – Noob Guide

  17. If the software can't see your phone, it's a driver issue or you've messed up Windows in some way. Try another port, another cable, another computer.

  18. It works for any Sony phone that Update Service supports.
    People typically flash their phone to use other firmwares such as non-carrier branded firmwares or newer releases which have come out in other regions but not their own.
    Flashing typically doesn't affect warranty since it's fully reversible but it's dependent on your region and carrier.


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