How to Get a Skeleton Horse in Minecraft Survival! 1.15.2


Discover how to get a skeleton horse in Minecraft survival!

You can do it without cheating or commands. However, if you’re still wanting to use commands, here they are:

Command: /summon minecraft:skeleton_horse ~ ~ ~ {SkeletonTrap:1}

This one is for older versions: /summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {SkeletonTrap:1}






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  1. I would recommend roaming around prairies or wherever horses normally spawn. Ive played over 1k hrs on BEDROCK & finally got them to spawn. My current world is on Hard so maybe that does help spawn rates??? I wld typically sleep away T-storms but on this stormy evening I actively went exploring & looking for normal horses to hopefully be struck but in the middle of this stormy night I finally got them to spawn. They appeared right in the middle of a river on the edge of a Grasslands/prairie where I had seen many horses before. 4 skeleton horses spawned with 4 skeleton jockeys armed w enchanted head gear & enchanted bows but luckily for me, since it was on Hard & so many mobs around, another skeleton got in a fight w/ them as I backed away to watch him die since they can hit very hard so USE CAUTION! I was able to use that distraction to gain distance & easily pick off the jockeys without killing the horses but did accidentally kill 1 but ended up w/ 3 skeleton horses. I noticed taking them home they are able to swim in & under water, so cool! Also, all 3 had varying speeds. Idk if you can put armor on them but I wasnt able to. They also dont require saddles to ride. Idk if they can be bred or fed either??? Bottom line, if you really want 1 of these skelly horses, do not sleep during Tstorms & always go to grasslands or wherever horses are & pace around. Good Luck! There are definitely worth the work

  2. I don’t know if this is insane luck but on my survival world four horsemen with enchanted gear spawned from a lightning strike. I got so excited and quickly leaded them up and killed the Skeletons on top. Then as soon as I finished that, another lightning strike occurred and I got four more horsemen! I was freaking out for sure.

  3. Btw it worked when i spawned i see 4 horse riders wearing iron helmets with enchantments and also with bows

  4. I got 8 horse and few days ago some of them got disappeared. First encounter was when I’m wondering my world and finding a Pillager Outpost and a lightning strikes at my right, 4 skeleton horses spawned. The second is right in front of my house where I gathered all of my normal horse and skeleton horses. And now all of them are gone. ☹️

  5. I didn’t know this existed til it happened to me. It wasn’t thundering at all I was in the desert and found a skeleton horse then I walked up to it and it spawned like 6 skeletons riding skeleton horses. Crazy. I was able to get 3 back to my base in survival.

  6. I was playing a survival world, it was thundering, and I went outside to farm. Then I was shot by an arrow. I looked around for a skeleton and I saw on the roof of my house was 4 skeletal horsemen. Then my friend turned cheats on and ruined everything

  7. I watched this vid yesterday and about 15 mins ago finally heard a thunderstorm. I went to the first lightning strike, and I got so lucky. 2 horses died in the crossfire but I got 2 of them, first time, I dont know what the chances of that are but I'm guessing pretty slim haha. Thanks for the tips 😁


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