How To Get Sony Vegas Pro 11 For Free! (32-bit Tutorial)


iAmPotato shows you of How to Get Sony Vegas Pro For Absolutely FREE!

* This tutorial is for EDUCATIONAL Purposes Only!

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Sony Vegas Pro 11:

* If Keygen does not shown in the file, that means that your Anti-Virus has blocked it. Make sure you disable your Anti-Virus then download it again. Btw, here’s the code and activation code for 32-bit version only. (Copy it and Paste it)

Serial number: 1T4-E3XD-V1CN-QS4W

* Also if you have 64-bit, just directly download the file then install it over to your computer. Luckily, you don’t have to enter your serial number and activation code for 64-bit version.

Here’s the Link:

[FOR MEGA]: All you can do is to click “Download Through your Browser” or “Download as ZIP”
[FOR MEDIAFIRE]: Complete the captcha then click “Authorize Download” Afterwards, click the green download button.

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– iAmPotato 🙂


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  1. Are all keygens a virus or is this particular one not a virus cause I'm looking at the comment section and no one has mentioned a virus


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