How to get Sony Vegas Pro 12 FREE 2020 [HD]


Still works as of: 10/01/2020 GOT THE NEW PATCH! Click LIKE If It Helped You Out! Thanks

In This Tutorial I Will Be Showing You How To Get Sony Vegas Pro 12 For FREE, FULL VERSION and NO VIRUSES! READ HERE FIRST!!!

Download link one or two guys! Sony Vegas Pro 12 (Full download + patch): rar password is: x
Link 1: (Mega)
Sony Vegas Pro 12 (Patch Only): (this is for people who just need the patch file)
Link: (If you don’t know what you are doing just download link one and follow the video ) (password is x)
This really will work guys… just sometimes your Anti-Virus programs will stop you from injecting the software with a “cracked” key code…

Virus scan for those paranoid people out there as you can see it is picked up as hackware

– We’re to help you do some research if you think otherwise check the VirusTotal scan, read comments see for yourself…
“It’s a patch. I use it it works. Many AV’s say it’s riskware due to the fact if you actually PAYED for the software
it patches, then you’re dead but it’s a safe legitimate program. it plays some annoying ass music though….. Anyways,
avast never blocked it for me and i ran it just fine. No suspicious registry keys, no suspicious processes…. I sure
this is safe to use, Its not a virus, it’s not malware, its a patch, it just modifies a program and thats why some say its malicious”

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  1. I wanted to download this but I can't open the patch because my computer keeps blocking it and says "Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software." I don't have any third-party antivirus except for the one that comes with Windows. :c

  2. can anyone explain to me why the hell this downloaded a trojan onto my computer. why are yall leaving good feedback comments. what the f.


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