How To Get Vegas Pro 17 For FREE


How To Get Vegas Pro 17 For FREE


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If MEGA is stuck at “starting” download the mega extension here ↓

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  1. those with a dynamic library problem or entry point problem. You Need this it's microsoft visuals and net.
    another possible fix for dynamic link library
    There could be other reasons like itunes IDK WHY but here
    finally if none of those work try this. The website looks hella sketch but its not. it will download all the ruin time/needed components. CLICK THE ORANGE BUTTON(sounds bad saying that XD)

  2. I'm opening the patch before trying to open Vegas and then once I do open Vegas it still asks me for a serial number, any help would be appreciated lol

  3. And now it says "Anerror occurred starting VEGAS Pro" "Error 0x80070002 (message missing) "Failed to initialize script host"

  4. When i open it a thing pops up that wants me to either "Activate with serial number", "Purchase online" or "Start Trial Version" please help

  5. I honestly never believe in these things, but I just gave it a go. And it actually worked, wanted to add on the amazing feedback by saying I’ve never came across a YouTuber that was very straight to the point lmao. Thanks for the helped just installed it 7/7/20! Funny how this video was on my recommend and I just have it a shot. Earned a sub!

  6. When I open it says welcome with activate with serial number, purchase online and start free trial HELP 🙁

  7. I got this to work after a quick bit of troubleshooting. It is possible to install to a different location, HOWEVER, the patch must be installed in the exact same folder. When I first tried, I installed them both in a folder side-by-side. In order for it to bypass the screen asking you to register, whatever folder you installed the trial in is also the folder that the patch needs to install in. For me, Windows asked if I wanted to install there since there were already files present. Hope this helps someone!


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