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How to play call of duty ww2 on the ps3 & xbox 360… (Last Gen Consoles)

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28 Replies to “How to play call of duty ww2 on the ps3 & xbox 360… (EWWW)”

  1. Notification squadd!!!! <3333
    ►*PLEASE READ* Firstly, apologies for the delay of this video. I was supposed to have it up the first day of the Beta's release whilst I was at Gamescom but didn't finish it on time. Then, as some of you guy's know, I was mugged at Gamescom and had all of my money and phone stolen. Once I got back to England a massive shit-storm kicked off due to the events in Germany so I've just taken a little break from YouTube to get my head together. Regardless, the delay doesn't matter since you are incapable to do this method until the WW2 Beta releases on PC anyways.

    ►*FOR ONCE NOT CLICKBAIT AHAH* But yes, this is 100% pointless to do, you might as well just save up for a current generation console… but there are still some people living in the year 2000 apparently… Now, I understand that this method is ridiculously hard to do so only a small minute amount of people are going to be able to do it, but I know from my comments on this exact same video but for BO3's beta that it managed to help out some people — and that's all that matters to me. No, this is not fake. This is a 100% working method to EMULATE any PC game onto a PS3/Xbox 360. This is not a recommended thing to try out, as it's very hard to do and is very time consuming. You've also got to be technically minded and knowledgeable about what you're doing and don't mess anything up and erase your data on your PS3/Xbox 360.

    ►STEP 1.) Download steam on your pc/laptop.
    ►STEP 2.) Create an account on steam and login the purchase call of duty ww2 & download the call of duty world war 2 beta installation. Copy the COD WW2 Beta installation onto a memory stick/dc/external hard drive.
    ►STEP 3.) Install Linux onto your PS3/xbox 360! (FOR PS3 SEE THIS!)
    (FOR XBOX 360 SEE THIS!) – *Your PS3/Xbox 360 will need to be running an old version of it's system or will need to be jail-broken/modded etc. to be able to do this*
    If those particular tutorial's don't help you just search for another one on youtube! *IMPORTANT* Make sure to back-up all of your PS3/Xbox 360's data before doing this as you will need to restore your console back to its original state after the ww2 beta has ended.
    ►STEP 4.) Install WINE onto your ps3/xbox 360 running linux! – (P.S- instead of installing it to your pc like the vid shows save the installation of wine onto a cd/memory stick and put it in your console to install it!)
    ►STEP 5.) Then install Steam onto your PS3/Xbox 360 running Wine. Login onto the account that you've pre-ordered COD WW2 on and you can then download the Call of Duty WW2 Beta. (Alternatively) You put the cd/memory stick with call of duty ww2 beta saved on it into your console and install it and play using wine, whilst running linux, on your ps3 or xbox 360 🙂
    *PLEASE SEE* I'm not sure how I forgot to mention this within the video, but, you MUST turn all your graphics settings down on the COD WW2 Beta to minimum otherwise the lag will be too much for last gen. It'll still be quite laggy even if you do this, but it's the best possible option at the moment.

  2. my brother has ps3 im gonna get xbox one but just play ww1 not ww2 i think it has zombies all my brother plays is zombies

  3. Actually is the Wii U last gen because it’s murdered early and we got the nintendo switch, but that has still no cod yet.

  4. Is it have really originally disk Call Of Duty WWII for Ps3 And Xbox 360?I will be happy if is have.

  5. Hi . I don't know for some stupid reasons I like my ps3 and it's games also and not feeling want to change it so I would love to play any new games with my ps3 for sure

  6. @ded332 I always get my live mebership here, cheaper

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