How to Play JHIN ADC for Beginners | JHIN Guide Season 10 | League of Legends


How to Play JHIN ADC for Beginners | JHIN Guide Season 10 | League of Legends is focused on playing JHIN and the purpose of this video is to explain the essentials of how to play Jhin and why he is a great adc laner to play, if you are into the adc role. Remember to Like, Comment & Subscribe!
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  1. I am sorry but can you explain how you can use his SS cause I can't understand how you can hit someone I just end up walking and wasting my Mana

  2. I love how you go from mid explaining his kit to "one sec" Enemys get reked then back u were talking about again lol.

    Also ty for the guide.

  3. I can't play adc, I usually suck at it. But for some motherfucking reason, when I play jhin. I'm just like how he is in his lore, a shit ton of body's all over the place with me laughing my psychotic ass off. Can someone explain to me how the hell that works? Also what supports go well with Jhin?

  4. yeah, as a jhin main for adc it hurt me when he said damage based on max health. It's MISSING health, and same with his R. This is what makes him so potent with a good support. He executes and finishes fights early with the extra damage from your last shot.

  5. I can't play adc for the life of me besides jihn cus I can't keep up with the usual fast as fuck attack speed other adcs have

  6. The first 10minutes are just the same from Spotlight or anyone who’s willing to google, and you keep pause and repeat…
    I can see you play the game good, but please record audio separately to clip with the video instead of being unprofessional blogger thanks

  7. "Sadly our enemies just surrendered" that happens all the time i feel like i never won (finished) a game as Jhin.

  8. It would be much better if you just recorded the game and then commented as we are spectating it. No interruptions in the train of thought.

  9. Playing while making commentaries makes it easy to understand how to use him. Gives me ideas what to do at certain situations

  10. i suggest you narrate over the video after recording gameplay because you are cutting out too much and it makes the video a bit confusing, as a LOL player, playing this game while trying to narrate is really difficult, this game require a lot of focus lol


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