How to use FTP on a Game Server


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🎬 In today’s video you will learn how to manage your server’s files using both MCProHosting’s webFTP found on an MCProHosting control panel and through an FTP client such as FileZilla! By the end of this video, you will be able to use your server’s FTP to edit, upload, rename, move, delete, zip, and unzip files!

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📦 WinRAR:

💾 FileZilla:

🗒️ Notepad++:

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  1. Here is a newer video to show you how to get to where he is:

  2. I dont get it what is ftp . Suppose for example I have a dedicated drive of 1tb space and 500 gb bandwith then can I use ftp and increase my storage and bandwith by paying a monthly fee of what I use.?

  3. why the HELL do i need 10 quintillion programs to run the server is it possible to run a server without any programs?

  4. Ftp is known for being super-easy to hack (like a combination lock with a sticky note with the combination on the lock easy) (ftp literally sends the pasword over the internet unencrypted, anyone can read it)
    So this is either unsecure or it doesnt use ftp.
    This seems like a problem. Please fix this.

  5. When I got filezilla the password bar for you didnt show up and i tried to do connect ip and i did the port passwords aand it said connection lost even though I double checked a lot of times

  6. 4:36 It seems I am getting something different when I select Quickconnect here.

    "This server does not support FTP over TLS. If you continue, your password and files will be sent in clear over the internet"

    This seems like a pretty glaring security issue IMO. I don't feel comfortable moving forward with that.

  7. So if I were to want to upload one of my minecraft single player worlds, would I go to my %appdata% folder, find the file for the world I want, then go to ftp, click upload file and then drag the world file into upload?

    (I've done this before, it's just been like 8 months since I've had to do it and I am stuck on how to upload and run a server on MCPH)


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