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Today I am going to be teaching you how to use Sony Vegas Pro 13 to edit your videos! I use Sony Vegas Pro 13 to edit my videos now and hopefully this Sony Vegas tutorial for beginners can help you guys out as well! Sony Vegas is an amazing software and I thought I’d teach you how to use it if you’re a beginner in this tutorial, let me know what you think!

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41 Replies to “How To Use Sony Vegas Pro 13 For Beginners! Sony Vegas Tutorial!”

  1. Dear Sony Vegas editors, how long did it take to master this software? I actually edit videos for years, and I'm new to this one

  2. I desperately need to know… how to I get Vegas 11 to open with the 2 windows as you show. I did something funky and now every time i open vegas there is only one window. i can see the video preview OR the function/effect window but not both together. So, to do a simple video effect tweak i have to keep toGgling between the effect tab and video tab.
    My Vegas 11 has NO WINDOW OPTION IN THE VIEW TAB. I see the later vegas versions, to do this, you just go to VIEW tab and select WINDOW. but my vegas has no WINDOW option IN THE VIEW TAB.
    I see no way to put them together on same screen. In other words i lost my separate "always on" video preview window, because it dissappears every time i click on any video fx tab. anyone out there know how to bring my double view back? thanks, world!

  3. Hello, How did you learn to use this program, im trying to animate manga pages and just downloaded SV pro 13 but the buttons are confusing.

  4. Thank you so much I’m gonna try to learn how to edit videos on computers instead of useing sharefactory on my PS4 and this guide was very helpful and when I’m able to I’ll start editing videos with this software


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