How To Use Sony Vegas Pro 14 For Beginners! (2017) – LEARN VEGAS PRO IN 15 MINUTES!


ITS FINALLY HERE! Today I am going to be teaching you all how to use Sony Vegas Pro 14 or Sony Vegas Pro 15 to edit your videos! I use Sony Vegas Pro 15 to edit my videos now and hopefully this Sony Vegas tutorial for beginners can help you guys out as well! Sony Vegas is an amazing software and I thought I’d teach you how to use it if you’re a beginner in this tutorial, let me know what you think! Sony Vegas Pro 15 (Now called Magix Vegas Pro 15) is the newest vegas pro editing software out. It is the successor of the previous Sony Vegas Pro editor released just last year called Sony Vegas Pro 14. You will learn how to add fades, make color corrections, add videos, music and media files as well as how to select proper sony vegas pro 15 render settings in this tutorial. This tutorial is user friendly and will definitely be a great start to everything you need to know for beginners.

This tutorial is structured for beginners that have either little to no experience with Sony Vegas Pro. I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial and find it helpful! It was a lot of work putting this all together so if you did enjoy it please give back some love by liking, subscribing, or sharing this video!

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● Background Music: Konac – Home
● Intro Music: Nav x Metro Boomin – Up (Instrumental)
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– Muaaz


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  1. I just started it today and was so confused even though I have used After Effects..
    You explained everything clearly and I am good to go now.
    Thanks a lot!

  2. I want to get Sony Vegas pro 14 but I don’t know where to buy it and I don’t want to pirate it because last time I did, it didn’t end well

  3. I hear you can do COMPARISON VIDEOS for YouTube like the channel WatchData in Vegas Pro, do you know how to do them?? if so, would be great if you can do a tutorial, there is none here on YouTube.

  4. I was kinda getting the hang of it and just made my intro after watching this in like 10 minutes. Thanks for posting, this was very helpful!

  5. Awesome video! I was able to edit with sony vegas and it ain't that hard . Here is a demo of what i did. Cheers!

  6. Please help me Muaaz when i was tryna do the import the video cant opened or be in Sony Vegas pro 14 so please tell me and help me


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