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Hey guys! Today I’m bringing you a video on how to use or edit using sony vegas pro 15 for beginners! In this sony vegas pro 15 tutorial, I show you how to use the program in under 10 minutes so that you can start editing for your YouTube videos in 2020! I hope you guys enjoyed, make sure to drop a LIKE if you did! 😀








BEST USB Hub Ever Made 0 –
Monitor #1 (1080p, 240htz) –
Monitor #2 (2k, 144htz) –
Headphones –
Microphone –
Mousepad –
Keyboard –
Mouse –

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20 Replies to “How To Use Sony Vegas PRO 15 For Beginners! LEARN TO EDIT IN 10 MINUTES! (2020) Tutorial”

  1. Just noticed my GPU lags in attempts to draw into the project 😑 I will need to stay in Avidemux for a while

  2. Hey @Delvige nice video!
    I got a problem, i dont have a audiotrack if i import a mp3 song. Its only a line… Would be awesome if you can help me there

  3. I hear you can do COMPARISON VIDEOS for YouTube like the channel WatchData in Vegas Pro, do you know how to do them?? if so, would be great if you can do a tutorial, there is none here on YouTube.

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