[Intelligence-High School Debate] Ban the play of augmented reality games in public places. _ Part.1


This House would ban the play of augmented reality games in public places.

The integration of digital information with a real-world environment – augmented reality! From science-fiction pipe dream to practical reality, AR games are changing the very nature of gaming these days. However, augmented reality games mean augmented security risks. Is it really safe to play these games in public places, or should they be banned?

On the fifth episode of “Intelligence – High School Debate,” students from Korean Minjok Leadership Academy, Sangmoon High School, Dongducheon Foreign Language High School and Eunkwang Girls’ High School debate over the motion “This House would ban the play of AR games in public places.”

So, which two teams will make it into the semifinals this week?

다섯 번째 토론 대결의 출전 학교는 바로
[민족사관고등학교 vs 상문고등학교 vs 동두천외국어고등학교 vs 은광여자고등학교]

긴장감이 흐르는 가운데 밝혀진 다섯 번째 토론 주제!

공공장소에서 증강현실 게임 플레이를 금지한다.

언제 어디서나, 불특정 다수가 즐길 수 있는 증강현실 게임으로 인해 높아진 안전사고 발생률! 각종 경고 문구에도 불구하고 게임의 인기가 올라갈수록 사고율 또한 증가하는데…
게임에 관해 할 말 많은 청소년들! 결국 시간 내에 발언을 끝내지 못해 당황한 참가자부터
단단히 벼르고 나온 듯 자연스러운 모션과 함께 POI에 막힘없이 대처하는 참가자까지~

어딜 가도 뒤지지 않는 네 팀 중 준결승전에 진출할 단 두 팀?

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  1. Should we ban the play of augmented reality in public places?
    Me: Of course, not only in public places, but at all
    Why? What are your arguments?
    Me: Have you heard of Sword Art Online?

  2. I was really invested in the debate until these 2 boys started to try holding their laughter in the back at 19:48

  3. The girl at 9:26 is really rude and arrogant. Even though they r opponents, there should have a better way for her to rebut the government instead of interrupting that girl directly.

  4. Well, In my opinion, we shouldn't stop the technology like AR and VR, We know the technology we develope because we need. We know every human developed things has two-parts, Loss and Profit. Just like Electricity, Can we stop the electricity, We can't because we need it. Just like We can't stop it. But we can control it. In The India every smoking stuffs also provide information on the stuff packet that the smoking stuff is harmful to your life . Just like we should make control on the AR and VR. And also makes aware to who play likes game that how to play the game and where we can play. If you play the game on the road, you could die.


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