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Hello, we understand your interest in the new concept and continue to shoot videos. Today you will watch MASTER YI vs JAX EARLY MID LATE GAME FIGHTS video. Don’t forget to click the 🔔 Bell to join Notification Squad!
🎵- Sekai – Running
🎵- Clarx – Zig Zag
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How do we prepare our Full Build Fight videos?
First of all to make our content unique by selecting different champions in the game we make the plan of our videos.
🔷Step 1: It takes more than 2 hours to shoot the video.
🔷Step 2: After shooting video in the game, we use the “League of Director” program to get 360 degree fps and the time we spend in this program is over 30 minutes.
🔷Step 3: If videos are ready, we start working for high quality editing. The time we spend in editing programs exceeds 2 hours. Programs we use to edit our videos
💨 Adobe After Effects
💨 Adobe Premier Pro
💨 Sony Vegas Pro. We use three Programs because we add high quality effects to make our videos unique.
🔷Step 4: We spend 30 minutes to prepare Thumbnail. The program we use is; Adobe Photoshope CS versions
NOTE❗ In all our videos, we change the items and try them one by one. Please do not make comments as the item has been wrong.


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37 Replies to “JAX vs MASTER YI EARLY-MID-LATE GAME FIGHTS & Jax Montage!”

  1. Yi loses a lot of these fights because he alpha strikes again for no reason which reduces his dps and also uses up the end of his true damage time. That is probably around 500 true damage not being done to the jax due to the second alpha strike

  2. Best Jax Somalia 🤣 la E no se reactiva contra Yi solo se reactiva durante la W de Yi pero sin esperar a que se cure tanto.

  3. Jax uses E when yi is meditating so its pretty much useless
    Lets say yi uses meditate when jax is channeling E if you didnt know if you press E again jax cancels channel and stuns so you can do that

    So if its a good yi vs good jax…. jax would win (counter matchup)

  4. do people actually build like that? srsly prob 90% of the people in the comment section are saying that they're hardstuck bronze cause their teammates suck.

  5. Lol trash build on jax. Bloodthirstier isnt an item for jax. Gunblade is. Plus titanic hydra isnt a good item for 1v1 either. Its good for wave clearing but not 1 on 1's. Should have built thornmail or deaths dance instead.

  6. Yi should always be going witts end vs jax it stops a decent bit of his damage while giving him more finishing power and a lot harder to finish off .
    How to play this MU with those sums use W during E don't turn on E instantly either wait 2 autos botrk will get them low with its %current health damage E will finish them not to mention its running out before the fight is over anyway so you might as well stack the rageblade before using it .Also come on why does jax have blood thirstier shield and yi does not they both have the item and to be honest neither should or sanguine blade for that matter .

  7. I think you deserve more apreciation, because recently you are recently to suggestions and recommendations, but that doesn't matter because i keep reading those "noob channel because you didn't use x mechanic" so keep in mind some of us really apreciate the effort

  8. dostum e ni sona bekletmen lazım master,tryndamere gibi şampiyonlara karşı direk e ni kullanırsan kaybedersin jax ile satrançtaki tehditi elinde tutmak gibi düşün masterı jaxin ctlemesinin sebebi e'si eğer sen e ni en sona bekletirsen çok rahat kazanırsın özellikle master e açtığında e açarsan jaxla direk kazanırsın bir de bt vermek yerine dd verseydiniz jaxa e ye bile gerek kalmazdı late game de

  9. Si no fuera por usaron la E como la mierda , jax ganaría . Aparte jax en básicos le gana a yi lo suficiente para que hacerlo gastar la Q y ahí jax usa su E


  11. Ese jax es una mrd, falla todas las E es lógico usar el CC cuando yi está en W sabes que está calculando el tiempo porque no usar el CC de una vez, muy manco :/

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