jPlay plays Silent Victory – Part 1


In this video I start my playthrough of “Silent Victory” using the 2nd Printing of the First Edition.

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  1. Love this game! Yes, there is a lot of dice rolling (doesn’t bother me) but as some say it’s “Luck” …. I don’t agree. The charts are made in “Probability” (I.E. what’s likely to happen).

    On patrol in certain areas – Rolls reflect the likelihood of “Spotting ships”

    Damage rolls – The likelihood of what/who gets damaged THEN the probable chance to fix the damage!

    This game is not luck based at all. There’s mitigation based on the chances of your torpedoes hitting (are they duds)? Chances of being detected or not, how many hits, etc.

    Not luck based. Great game!!

  2. MarkusWargamer!
    (That may have worked better if Marco hadn't become marcoOmnigmer) lol

    The Mk14 torpedo was notorious for failing. It had problems with running too deep, the magnetic warhead exploding prematurely, failing to explode on contact and even running a complete circle .
    So well done sinking the capital ship!

    Good stuff Markus. Looking forward to the next episode

  3. This game may be a dice fest – just like The Hunters or The Hunted – but still it gives you the feeling that your decisions matter.
    And sometimes it is absolutely ok to play a game where you don't have complete control. Be happy about some lucky dice rolling and desperate about the bad rolls and enjoy the story that the game tells 🙂

  4. nice play through, you have helped my mind up, I shall be sticking with Gato leader from DVG. I do have compass games Silent War gathering dust on my shelve.

  5. The transit zones on your sub display, and those same spaces on the map, give you the option to use either to track your movement during a patrol.
    If you just use the one on your sub display, then you don't even need to use the separate map display. In other words, it saves table space at the expense of visual fluff.

  6. This really is just an endless dice fest. Just exactly the kind of solitaire wargame that puts me off solitaire wargames… Try something by Dan Verssen Games instead…


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