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Gonggi (공기, aka Korean Jacks) is a popular Korean children’s game, and it’s quite fun! I definitely recommend you try it as well if you can manage to get the pieces! Anyhow, hope you enjoy watching 🙂
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36 Replies to “Korean Game: How To Play Gonggi 공기놀이 하는법”


  2. ohhh we play it a lot in Nepal as well. As a kid we used to play a lot of it with small stones and here we call it "gatta" or "gattii"

  3. Here in Brazil, specifically in North, the old people knows about this game. I remember my grandmother teaching me how to play this game 🙈❤

  4. This is a turkish traditional game too🤔Maybe both countries have this game because of the war in 1950?I dont know lol but I love this game

  5. Thanks for the video! I have seen Shinhwa played this on their gameshow back in the days, now I finally understand the rule, especially the mess-up ones

  6. We have this game in Singapore too. It's called 5 stones. Similar rules too. But is a game of the past. Kids these days might not play anymore.

  7. We also played this game during my childhood in the USA. We called it Jacks! I was the queen, I could pick up all 12 with one scoop!!!

  8. Brings back memories from my childhood before I immigrated to USA in 1977. I have a set of 공기 purchased during a trip to Korea over 30 years ago. I can still play well and my daughters (20 & 17) enjoy watching me play.

  9. I used to play this game too in Peru, we call it “Jazes”. It was really popular in my childhood, it is a really fun game. Thank you for the video 😊

  10. We also have this in the Philippines!We call this “Jackstones” we play it till round 10,but after round ten finishes we then have like “Cave Jackstones”Where you need to push it to the cave,theres a bunch more versions after round 10 but i don’t remember it anymore,since i dont play it now🤣

  11. we also have a game like that. we call it jackstone. but in jackstone we use small balls and ten picks. and I think the rules are the same. try to find it on the internet so you'll know that too


  12. in my country we have the same game but we don't play those

    now but we also play a lot of games like 'περνά περνά, η μέλισσα' , 'πετάει, πετάει' , 'τυφλόμυγα' , 'ψείρες' , 'κορόιδο' and much more that i don't remember right now. Btw its greek games…

  13. Hey!! We indian also play that but we have more round.. i used to play this game but i really can't recall what we used to say it.. and however losses we give them punishment.😂 it was fun.😊

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