Korean Games: How to Play Gonggi


Learn how to play here:

This month I start a new series about Korean games! What better way to kick things off than with one of most popular games of all time: the children’s classic gonggi.

Camera: Canon HFS11
Camera: GoPro Hero2
Mic: Edutige ETM-001

“Go” written and performed by Josh Woodward, used with permission.

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  1. Good !!!!!
    If you are in U.S.A, You can buy gonggi here.


  2. This game is also played in Tamil Nadu ( India ) ,we used to call it as "kalangal" .it is our traditional game , played by the girls

  3. i am 28 yrs aged from kerala(India)…i had played this game in primary school… my all friends played it well…its our traditional game…i think its may be a meditteranian game ..very ancient game..

  4. Thanks a lot^^ I'm planning to teach "How to play Gonggi" to my native English teacher and to my Korean students in English and then we're going to have a battle ~~The winner or team will have the losers' gonggi pieces~~Thanks to you, I got the tips of the script of Korean traditional gonggi. I like your simple way~Actually I know many types and rules of gonggi…but I know when I show a foreign friend how to play, I think the simple way is the best~I'm already looking forward to being the best player who is…
    I'm also good at it!

  5. jackstones are not popular at my country. do you have an idea what other things i can use exept original 'stones'? i really wanna play this game but i dont know what should i use.

  6. The way you caught the stones in the 5th level is different.. I'm not sure but I don't think it's the right way of catching it in gonggi…

  7. my african friend taught me this when i was younger and i would always beg her to play it. Though she herself didn't know too many of the rules, we enjoyed making up rules in the middle. we used to play with stones. I can't believe i found the actual rules finally!!

  8. Very good video. I had seen it in time to catch the pieces the last round with hand face up instead of face down hand, is that it depends on where you play or both forms are valid?


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