Lego Soccer/Football Mania PS2 Gameplay


Due to the fact little footage of the PS2 version of this game exists on YouTube (only one video, to be exact!), I decided I’d make some footage and upload it. There’s a good amount on the PC version, but not much for this version. To my knowledge, the only real difference is that you can have up to four players, whereas the PC version only supports two. This video is just me playing an exhibition game. I will make more footage when I go off to review this (I still have to finish Alpha Team and review it first though), but if you want to know my initial thoughts, they’re on my blog:


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  1. How do you do the "special move" in this game that is required to beat the last skill level? (I hope someone can respond, Google doesn't know!)

  2. The music is slightly different sounding to the PC version. Also the PS2 version doesn't have the music that plays in the Arctic locations and just uses the City music

  3. This game had a demo which was bundled alongside Lego Sports 2003. I still have the disc. Oh boy, the nostalgia. Never got to play the full version, but I hope I will sometime soon.

  4. I have both the PC and this console version of this game. I never had the PC version when I was a kid, but it was fun to play it last year, and so was the PlayStation 2 version. Nice gameplay video!

  5. I played this game all the time back when it first came out.  There was this one time where I scored more than 20 goals in one game.  But that was way back in 2005 most likely, So I don't remember my actual score.

  6. I got this with Island Xtreme Stunts for PC back in 2003 in a "Games for Kids" bundle by EA, Maxis, and Lego Interactive. The bundle also came with Sim Theme Park (which almost never ran on our Windows XP computer) Sim Coaster, and Sim Town. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find IXS after I took a picture of it for RRU.


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