Live Stream Of Shrek 2: Orge Bowler


Shrek 2: Ogre Bowler is about you can play as Shrek, Princess Fiona, Donkey, or Puss in Boots. Also, you replaced the bowling ball as the character you decided to play as. There are four bowling lanes that you can play in. Swamp Lanes, Far Far Away Lanes, Poison Apple Alley, and Dragon Bowl. Each character or lanes require points to unlock it. There are two modes that you can play. It is orge or straight bowling. In orge bowling, you have four power-ups that can help you out in this game mode. There is onion, bonus gem, magic, and scorch. Onion doubles the power of your character and blasts pins away from the point of impact. Bonus gem is a multiplier that is 2z, 3x, 4x or 5x the number of pins that you knockdown in that frame. Magic guarantees you a strike because it clears all the pins like in thin air. Scorch will knock down nearly all the pins by delivering a powerful blast of fire. The thoroughly cooked pins then gently topple to the ground. In straight bowling mode, you are playing without power-ups. Also, you play local multiplayer with up to four people in total. What will your high score be?


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