Minecraft Tutorial – How To Get A Skeleton Horse In Survival Minecraft!


In this episode, I teach you how to acquire a skeleton horse in survival Minecraft.
Quad Spawning Iron Farm Tutorial –

Efficient Zombie/Skeleton XP Farm Tutorial –
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  1. Me and my friends were playing then, a thunder appeared out of a sudden and we got the Skeleton Trap when my friend Gold was killing some mobs

  2. Once a skeleton horse spawned infront of me it soon the lightning striked it there were 4 skeleton horsemen and they attacked me

  3. A week ago I was playing during a thunderstorm and the horsemen appeared in front of me. I didn't have to kill them because they accidentally shot and kill each other.

    All the horses survived so I took them to my house but later I went to where I left them to see how they were but a Creeper was between them and did not see it, I entered the room and the Creeper exploded and killed them all.

  4. I was on normal survival and me and my friends were just chilling in our survival, a storm started and my friend was like wHaTs tHaT oUtSiDe?? I looked and the horse men were just there. We killed all the horses and horse men except one horse. I knew they didnt kill you so I went up to it and we had a new horse 🤣🤣

  5. So that's why I got three skeleton horse 3 in my first world. Then in my second world couldn't find them at all

  6. How did I find 5 of them right next to each other like am I the luckiest person ever or what is it a glitch

  7. He said on normal it’s 7-11% but on one of my first nights there was a massive thunderstorm and when I woke up there were literally 4 skeletons on horses waiting for me. I was so scared I ran away and didn’t come out till the next day

  8. When I was playing minecraft, I was on top of a tree and then the skeleton horse riders spawned below me and I killed the riders using my sword

  9. I saw a skeleton horse and was like “oh dope” then it got struck by lightning and there was 4 with skeletons riding on top of them and it scared the shit out of me


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