Mycelia Location, Uranium Location and FAST COUPONS ! Satisfactory Update 3 Ep 22 | Z1 Gaming


Mycelia Location, Uranium Location and FAST COUPONS ! Satisfactory Update 3 Ep 22 | Z1 Gaming

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Satisfactory is a first-person open-world factory building game with a dash of exploration and combat. Pioneering for FICSIT Incorporated means charting and exploiting an alien planet, battling alien lifeforms, creating multi-story factories, entering conveyor belt heaven, automating vehicles, and researching new technologies.

At FICSIT inc. you will take part in the Save the Day program, providing short-term solutions for long-term problems, possibly with the help of your friends.

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  1. "addicting" is something someone would do in a court, a substance or activity cannot "addict" thats just nonsense. They can be "addictive" though. NA English though….

  2. I decided that my factory wasn’t producing enough of anything so I tore down my old one found 6 pure iron nodes and three pure copper nodes, started making a new one, and for just 3 of the pure iron nodes I need 36 smelters which produce a whopping 1080 iron ingots per min, once I hook up the other three iron nodes it will be 2160 iron ingots per min to split between all of my production stuff

  3. Look, there's no barrier for liking your videos but keep a flow going for YouTube viewers, everytime something gets prefinished for episodes and I lose track of what you did in the last episode, not everyone follows Twitch nor they want. Like, in this video we never saw how nuclear deal got unlocked, it was already unlocked!

  4. Dont know if you know but theres an Hard Drive that gives you the ability to make fabric from Polymer resin so you dont need mycelia anymore

  5. Противный раздражающий голос с пищащими гейскими нотками, подражает голосу ИмКибитца, у которого не менее ущербный голос, тьфу в общем.

  6. Research alien organs and the food stuff and it unlocks different recipes for the medical inhaler, so you can make the food you find stretch further, and the alien organs you find you can combine with mycelium and get pretty much free health from them.

  7. 1 Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Bauxite, Empty Canister, Packaged Turbofuel, Compacted Coal, Packaged Liquid Biofuel
    2 Limestone, Coal, Iron Ingot, Copper Ingot, Screw, Wire
    3 Leaves
    4 Iron Rod
    5 Caterium Ore
    6 Iron Plate, Packaged Fuel
    8 Cable, Copper Sheet, Spiked Rebar
    9 Steel Ingot
    10 Flower Petals, Biomass, Color Cartridge
    12 Silica, Concrete, Quickwire
    15 Raw Quartz, Mycelia
    18 Packaged Oil
    20 Sulfur, Packaged Water
    21 Aluminum Scrap
    25 Wood
    27 Steel Pipe
    30 Petroleum Coke, Caterium Ingot
    40 Solid Biofuel
    50 Uranium, Quartz Crystal, Polymer Resin
    72 Steel Beam
    93 Packaged Heavy Oil Residue
    111 Uranium Pellet
    126 Black Powder
    143 Rubber
    160 Plastic
    180 Reinforced Iron Plate
    195 Fabric
    200 Medical Inhaler
    210 Rotor
    252 Aluminum Ingot
    291 Stator
    340 Beacon
    840 A.I. Limiter
    882 Modular Frame
    1 044 Encased Industrial Beam
    1 170 Smart Plating
    1 194 Parachute
    1 353 Automated Wiring
    1 364 Encased Uranium Cell
    1 517 Alclad Aluminum Sheet
    1 968 Circuit Board
    2 619 Versatile Framework
    2 744 Filter
    3 006 Motor
    3 336 Cartridge
    3 830 Electromagnetic Control Rod
    5 848 Crystal Oscillator
    10 880 High-Speed Connector
    12 504 Iodine Infused Filter
    21 207 Heat Sink
    23 080 Battery
    41 988 Modular Engine
    51 175 Heavy Modular Frame
    113 680 Computer
    225 528 Nuclear Fuel Rod
    924 213 Adaptive Control Unit
    1 033 220 Radio Control Unit
    1 330 800 Supercomputer

    10 833 620 Turbo Motor

    This is a list for the Awson sink thank me later guys 🙂

  8. Oh jeez, you really should not have done the turbomotor thing more than one-two stacks. Now anything else you put in there is going to be getting you nothing at all until you start feeding it with huge stacks of high-end products.

  9. lol you should make a railgun to get back and forth to the uranium mine. Just launch yourself in the general direction (with a jetpack) and that might be cool. Probably use about 7 to 10 of the railgun sections?

  10. maybe they plan to build some type of defensive system? auto turrets where you place on some location to keep you safe?

  11. Those "cats" were following you around like you were a catnip toy 😁 and really nice of you to leave a cyber truck for the "cats" so they can drive to visit when you're least expecting them

  12. Hey Z hows it hanging… if your looking for mycilla the funny looking orange jigsaw trees that look like coral are abundant with it and I noticed there's a stack of them round your base… so you don't need to go searching…

  13. So, Just unlocked the alternate recipe for fabric. Polyester fabric. Polymer resin + Water = fabric. so it can now be automated in the refinery.

  14. Love the vids!!! You are my inspiration for making my own videos on satisfactory. Thank you for the great videos and inspiration.


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