(NEW) Sony WH 1000x M2 Active Noise Cancelling (NEW 2018 model) – REVIEW


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Sony WH1000x M2 Review
Sony WH1000x Review

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  1. This 🎧 is great and use them in my home help me relax have my anxiety this help me much 😀ok and more, my mother say buy a headphones this was great and good for money, same days can feeling on my ear littel not great , this feeling for diffrent peoble, try it on a shop this good of you have a new 📺 tv from 2020 bluetooth work on tv this good my tv is older not working 😔,try on you tv maby get lucky

  2. Oh dear terrible sound my cowin e7 & cowin e7 pro noise canceling headphones out do these by far no lie!!! Please do the cowin se7 review!!

  3. for my Sony 1000x. the headband broke after 2 years soon after the warranty. This is very poor design for a 300 dollar headphone. Please pay attention!

  4. Anyone had a problem where one of the earcups stop emitting bass? My warranty is out already so I'm just looking for things to do 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. My MDR1000X just broke after gentle use for 18 months. Both earpieces cracked. Design fault. Buy something else.

  6. just as a ps i have these for 2-3 yaers and i dropped them twice and they're still more than fine. the sad part is that folding them in and our takes time and they're so heavy in my purse i dont use them often

  7. Could someone help me. I just bought used 1000xm2 and there's a problem. When ANC is on they bost up the bass and sound better,but the bass is stronger in the right ear?! When i turn off anc they sound normal,alltough maybe a bit weaker..but ok..
    I've tried changing settings in the app..when i change to ambient sound it's ok..but not with the anc on. It runs 4.1.1 firmware.
    Can someone help me?

  8. Great job again Jimmy .Your honest reviews always help many people's out there who wanta to buy these headphones and they can't make there mind.
    So keep it up.
    Live long

  9. I have these headphones for almost a year now and they are easily the best for their price…I think they are better than even the xm3 just because of the built quality…While the xm3 are made mostly from plastic, the xm2 are made from more premium materials so with the time they don't make crappy sounds from the plastic…Overall, premium sound and built quality for the price…I recommend them even in 2019.

  10. Thanks for the video. I were just hoping for a short description on how to connect with the Bluetooth option, because I were not able to find the headphone device on My mobile right now. Plus, it could be Nice if more American youtube channel would also mention the distance in cm/meters for the european audience.

  11. Been a year with these headphones, and I put it to use almost every single day. Loved it sonce day one. Video is very acurate.

  12. من تجربتي الشخصية لسماعة sony wh1000 m2 في الواقع هي سماعتي الأساسية و ستخدمتها للأستماع للفيديو ولم يطرأ تغير كبير بين m2 و m3

    أنا سأسهب في السبيات لأن الأجابيات هي أمر واجب تواجده في كل منتج لكن للأسف الأخلاص في العمل نادر …

    1)إذا لم تكن خاصية العزل غير مهمة لك فبحث عن سماعة آخرى ستجدها أرخص و أفضل في صوت و الجودة.

    2)العزل لا يشمل الأصوت البشرية مثل: بكاء أطفال مكان مزدحم بالناس يقلل منه بشكل قليل جداً (قد يشمل الأصوات البشرية في حالة قمت بتشغيل المسيقى بجانب خاصية العزل)…… العزل الصوتي يعمل بشكل جيد مع الأصوات الميكانيكية المتولدة من أجهزة التكيف… المراوح… المحركات الخ…

    *ملاحظة 50% من العزل يعود للمواد المكونة لسماعة آي أنك لو أطفأت السماعة ستبقى تعزلك لك شيء من الأصوات المحيطية 50% المتبقية هي عزل الأكتروتي (خاصية القاء للضجيج)

    3)المواد المصنعة منها السماعة من متوسطة إلى عادية بالمقابل أنت ستدفع ثمن باهض !!

    4)السماعة متينة من حيث تحمل الي و طي لكن لا أظن أنها تتحمل السقوط على الأرض.

    5)شكل سماعة غريب خاصة القطع التي تقابل الأذن التصميم برأيي غير جميل

    6)السماعة تسرب الصوت للخارج في حالة قمت برفع الصوت.

    أبرز الايجابيات: بطرياية تدوم طويلاً + خاصية الشحن السريع +مريحة لحد ما على الأذن + خاصية اللمس +جودة الصوت جيدة…

  13. can anyone recommend me for headphones with surround sound, Refinement like details of the whisper is clear enough to hear and also (optional) noise cancelling ?
    Purpose of use: Watch Movies

    My budget is around USD 250

  14. Worth Every Penny, Period
    So for a bit of perspective on how good this line of headphones are: I work on the flight line for my job in the Air Force and hearing protection (aka hearing pro or PPE) is huge since you are extremely close to aircraft running engines at full blast during some operations. I have the ambient sound focused on voice with 14/20 for the noise cancellation. this drowns out a great deal of the engine noise and allows me to hear what's being said without me having to remove my hearing pro or have the person screaming at the top of their lungs right next to me. I can field calls from my shop while not missing a beat. They have worked perfectly through gloves both dry and wet. I've been in pouring rain, sub freezing temperatures, and deserts where sand has gotten into every corner of my gear. These puppies work. I have thoroughly abused these. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I bought these refurbished on amazon. The active noise cancelling (ANC) mitigates 28 Db, thus exceeding both OSHA & USAF requirements. I've worn these with traditional and new helmets with a bit of added pressure. After all my pair have been through, the mics for ambient sound have some minor sound distortion likely from water damage, I'm not displeased in the slightest. All in all, BUY THESE.

  15. You want us to subscribe to you to make money and now you want us to use your amazon affialte link? 😐 greed. you have all this tech but no giveaway

  16. Call quality is really poor in real world conditions. Looking online there's no great solutions for external microphones. This is a real Achilles heel for these headphones. I should know I own a pair and none of these reviews really call out this issue.

  17. Ordered a pair of M2's after my buddy left them at my house for a few days. Selling my pc headset/shure se215 to help pay for them. Best sounding headphones I've ever tried and they're wireless. I'm no audiophile obviously but I do appreciate good sound and these sound great.

  18. Hey i wonder how well these works in rainy or cold weather conditions?
    I just bought latest WH-1000XM-3 model but I had to return them back to shop cos they didnt work in cold weather. Firstly under one min usage they open Google Assistant and after 2min usage they drop volume down. Can anyone tell me should I buy these XM2 instead of XM3??? Im very glad if someone have some ansvers! 🙂

  19. I bought in half price a month ago.
    I love the music sound, but when i was calling it was terrible. Also wearing 3-4hours my ear started to wet and pain. But hope u guys buy x3!! Hope my review was helpful.

  20. I bought the Bose QC ii and the Sony 1000x M2, and I can attest that the Sony beats the Bose by considerable margin. I am selling the Bose right away.

  21. OMG lol these headphones broke again for me . the left hinge area has some issue and sometimes it just comes off after cracking…its the second time this happend to me have to see if sony will replace or not .. regardless loved the headphone while it lasted..

  22. Hello, it's a small request to you, can u give me the music track link which was played by you for demonstration….


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