**OUTDATED – Check description for updated tutorial** How To Play SESSION (Controls Walkthrough)



Doing an in-depth walkthrough of the controls for Session

Session First impression

SESSION on Steam

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Reminder: This game is still Pre-Alpha, Early development.

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  1. Welcome all the new Session players on Xbox and Steam 🙂 This tutorial is slightly out of date SO i've made an updated, MUCH more in depth controls tutorial! https://youtu.be/-tTDip2jr_E

  2. The settings and customization on this game are absolutely insane god I like skater xl way better because the tricks flow and look good but god damn the customization for settings and characters and skateboards on this game is amazing plus the map. Both games have better bits and not as good bits in them

  3. So happy to see this game is still trucking along, I don't want to see this project fall apart. I've been searching for a skate sim for a long time and I've finally found it.

  4. I’m tryna play it , but my controller keeps spinning him idk why?

    When I connect it to my Xbox my cameras are fine

  5. So, they seemed to have added some sort of landing physics with higher drops. I read somewhere that now on hardcore mode, we have to do something right before we land. I can’t even Ollie the historical stairs without eating crap.

  6. i honestly don't think session or skater xl will be as big as skate because the controls wont make sense to people that dont skate like us

  7. Last night if I did 'front foot back foot' i had to click my stick to manual more than 6 feet. Today my character manuals fine no matter what the setting. I like left foot right foot but I always accidently revert and forget how to ollie.

  8. Bro it would be kinda cool if they can somehow manage to get the game to allow us to catch the board on its side so we can do primos

  9. hey i cant play with my ps4 controller can you please make a tutorial video on how to install/play with the controller?

  10. Just got the game dose your caracter all ways start off regular foot even no I've selected goofy cant figure it out lol thanks

  11. SUPER HANDY video dude. I have a doubt. What about 50-50 grinds? haha they do not work properly. If I jump into a rail, box, ledge, whatever and I land to a 50-50, it does not work 🙁
    I think it would be awesome if you upload a "The Basics in Session". First flips, rotations, flips into rotations, slides, etc. Thanks dude!!!

  12. I just tried the game but the controls were a bit complicated. Which took some fun out of it. Game could do a lot better job at showing me what to press.


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