Pimp My Gameboy Advance



▶Unboxing Old School Pokedex:
▶Pimp my Gameboy Color:


Big thanks to Scott from: www.IFVAULT.co.uk

▶Pimping My Old School Gameboy:
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  1. Could have been so cool, but both video dude and etsy dude made critical mistakes that took away all functionality from both light accessories. sigh

  2. Be careful with the Gameboy–You'll probably never know what will happen if you don't be careful with it.

  3. You'll get more subscribers if you delete your videos with swearing and make the video(s) again without swearing.

  4. I had bought a gba but he had it th the box I took it at home I took it out and there was no back at all! I’m so mad he never told me

  5. Yes the rig with a rounded edge on the bottom clearly goes on the flat edge of the top of the GBA… it's kind of obvious that it's upside down.

  6. Where can I find the grip and battery pack? I’ve searched on Amazon, but they don’t have that kinda stuff…

  7. You put the light on backwards. Once you put the gamester light on you can’t take it off without breaking it.


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