Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat (PS2), part 1 (In Mother's Footsteps)


Part 1 of the complete playthrough of Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat for the PlayStation 2.

The game fallows the adventure of Katrina De Leon, the daughter to Marcus De Leon, the Governor of Pirate Cove, a sea port that has been taken over the ruthless Hawke, who overthrows her father and kills him in a sword fight. Dying from his wounds inflicted by Hawke, Kat’s father reveals to her that her mother Mara was a pirate! Even though he is against Kat fallowing in her mother’s footsteps, he urges her to exact his revenge, an rid the five seas of Captain Hawke. First, however, she must find her mother’s grave, and discover the truth of her mother’s life.

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  1. Is it just me or does anyone else remember old games and, in your mind, imagine them with modern graphics? Then you watch a video and see the reality. Good times though. I miss games like this.

  2. Things that never been in the game from that opening:
    1:11 the valkyrie never did that sound while protecting herself,
    1:32 the voodoo master actually runs from you, not looks at you and stays standing,
    1:34 this crystal chest was never there in the game.
    btw: 0:58 isn't it the "Ghost Ship Battle" area?

  3. I remember going to blockbuster and my dad said he got me a pirate game and this was after the hype of Black Pearl so I was excited damn I wish they can remaster this game

  4. This game used to scare the shit out of me 😂 one of the islands had a witch doctor and I remember it being scary as all hell

  5. Sign here to bring it back

  6. This game was fantastic and still is, the ship battles, the exploration, the soundtrack just way ahead of its time. Even today this is how you should make a fucking pirate game. Its just a shame its such an underrated game that nobody remembers.

  7. I wasn't sure if this was the same game I played as a child, but it's all coming back to me. This was the game.

  8. I used to play this all the time in elementary school and I recently got it for my Xbox. Had a nostalgia boner for like 30 mins

  9. Ohh my God good old days ^^ Played it many times wuth my Dad when i was young the first level over and over cause we had no memory card but i didnt cared about it ^^ That brings up so many memories i didnt thought would remember again 🙂 AC Black Flag original XD

  10. I wish this game could come on PC (original/remake, idk).. i really miss this game!!! And im not gonna buy a PS2 just to play it 😛

  11. HOLY CRAP your ps2 is like mine, it never starts the games straight away! Haha, dude Much love to you for patience!

  12. Gamestop is selling off their PS2 used stock for 75% off, and I scored a copy of this for 35 cents. Didn't know wth it was, but now I'm kind of excited to check it out.
    Along with the other 22 PS2 games I bought, lol.

  13. Holy shit this fucking game was sooooo good. Watching this unlocks so many memories i wouldn't be able to remember just thinking about it. This game was special, from the animations to the sound effects when you found gold. Beautiful. Not to mention that the multiplayer sea battles were the most fun I have had in multiplayer ever. This game was waaayyy ahead of the curve. I had this game for xBox though. <3 

  14. Oh. My. FUCKING GAWD. I remember this game. So many memories.. I swear to god. I am a car entusiast. But this game. This game had me so fucking entertained. I played it with my dad, i remember how we sat all day, playing ps2. That was before WoW. I swear to god, fuck the car games – THIS was the best PS2's i had, i just realised. And i had alot – alot. GREAT GAME… Sadly the graphics is VERY poor, and outdated now.. But i recommand the game so much!

  15. I was watching Black flag Assasins 4 and it was like in the begining in the legends of black cat witch the towers and stuff fucking cheaters


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