PYRUS Beware of Bulldog: Steal Bones Family Game


PYRUS “Bad Dog” Family Board Game has very simple instructions, but maybe a bit scary for little kids. The age recommendation is 5 years old and up, which I do agree with. My 5 year old daughter has no issues lifting the bones with the tongs successfully, but my 7 year old son was scared to go near the game. This game all depends on how you think your child will respond when the bulldog wakes up.

The directions are to pull a card and it will show a color bone and a number. The color bone indicates which color you are collecting with the tongs and the number indicates how many of that color you collect that turn. If you pull a completely white turn then you get to skip your turn (which is a good break for you) and the next player starts. The bulldog is very sensitive and responds with the slightest movement by grunting like he will wake up. The dog continues to snore until woken up. When he wakes up his eyes open, his mouth opens, he jumps upright and growls. My daughter jumps and laughs, again, my 7 year old will not go near it. We have a lot of fun playing this game, overall!


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