Rock Me Archimedes: The Marbles Teeter-Totter Game


Can you get four of your marbles into the end-zone without tipping the teeter-totter? Try out your strategy, steady hands, and balance in Rock Me Archimedes, the fun marble strategy game.


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The Greek mathematician and engineer Archimedes, known for properly describing the benefits of a lever, is quoted as saying, “Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the Earth.” If he had access to his namesake game, he might have said, “Give me a marble, and I will school you.”

Rock Me Archimedes is a dynamic two-player tabletop game that leverages critical thinking and steady hands to outmaneuver your opponent.

Take turns placing marbles on the board and moving them toward the edge, but be careful—overbalancing the board on one side causes the edge to touch the table and you to lose. If you can stay balanced while moving four marbles into the end zone first, you win!



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  1. i tried to win this game by occupying a majority of my opponent's goal sections, preventing me from losing, but was told that i was using "distorted thinking" or some such by my opponent

  2. I wanna start a thread here of just people, one at a time, just doing the Meet The Medic lines
    It'll never happen, though.


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