Seahawks vs Redskins 2012 NFC Wild Card


Full Game:

Seattle overcame a 14-point deficit in the first quarter to earn their first playoff win on the road since 1983. Seattle has now won three straight playoff games against Washington, who were playing in their first home playoff game since 1999. Coincidentally, the Seahawks also ended another playoff futility streak against the Redskins in the 2005 season (game played in 2006) when they beat them 20–10 at home in the divisional game for their first playoff victory at all (home or road) since 1984 on their way to their as of the start of these playoffs only Super Bowl appearance. Robert Griffin III faced off against Russell Wilson for the second such instance of both teams starting with rookie quarterbacks in the playoffs, in the Super Bowl era; after T.J. Yates and Andy Dalton had previously done so for the Houston Texans and the Cincinnati Bengals respectively, in the previous year’s playoffs. Wilson finished his first playoff game 15/26 for 187 yards and a touchdown, along with 67 rushing yards. Lynch rushed for 132 yards and a touchdown and caught a pass for 9 yards. For the Redskins, safety Reed Doughty had 11 tackles and 2 sacks. Morris was their top rusher with 80 yards. After the game, an MRI revealed Griffin had torn his lateral collateral ligament and would have to undergo surgery to repair it. In response, Washington coach Mike Shanahan faced criticism for not pulling Griffin from the game earlier, despite warning signs he was playing injured. This was an injury that likely dated back to Week 14 when Griffin was injured vs Baltimore.

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  1. You ever notice how rich eisen calls the fucked up games during the recap lol maybe because ppl think he makes us feel better than other people can or something? Idk lol

  2. Kirk should’ve came in when the score was 14-0. Not to mention the fact that Griffin was probably worsening his injury by continuing to play.

  3. Man i remember my dk lineups getting ruined bc rg3 was either option reading into endzone or throwing bombs. when he was introduced during this game that place went nuts. Guy could have been transcendent.

  4. I dont understand why they played RG3. They weren't a superbowl team so just let's RG3 rest and see what Kirk could do.

  5. I admire RG3 wanting to play through the pain but the coaches should have pulled him after that initial hit in the first half. Sad his career got cut short.


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