Sejuani Plunder with Bilgewater | Rising Tides Expansion | LoR Game | Legends of Runeterra


Sejuani and Miss Fortune team up to steal your stuff.

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Legends Of Runeterra |


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  1. imagine playing freljord
    sejuani plunder:


  2. Not gonna lie, I really want to like this deck but consistently get my ass kicked when I play it.
    Would love to see a deck guide explaining how you approach common matchups with Tempo Sejuani!

  3. I hate this game so much, everyone deck is the same, Luck Factor affect the game so much, even in master rank i only play meme deck, bcs there is no reason to put any effort in this game

  4. so 🤔🤔🤔🤔…. is it worth to start creating freljord decks or meh i just keep playing my ezreal karma combo

  5. … That feel, tho, when you watch someone that has NO clue how to pilot a deck… OP on first match, I feel you. :v

  6. Plunder is such an annoying mechanic. And so variable I struggle to see how this is viable, but it looks like it is.


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