Shut Up & Sit Down – The Cave


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Season 2 Episode 19

Love board games but don’t have time to try out the new ones? Well shut up, sit down, and watch us review The Cave. We’ll help you explore.

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  1. The phrasing, of exploring most excellently, is SUCH spectacular language. Also, heeeeeeeelllllll no I'm not spelunking.

  2. hey! bumped into you not to long ago, great video man well worth the wait, played K-2 with some people who have climbed for real and they said it was like the real thing on a board, at which point they all looked in confusion together and questioned why they climb for real in the first place.

  3. I think that's because there is a certain part of their audience that just goes out and buys whatever games they show, and in the interest of your wallet, they feel it's their job to provide all necessary criticism, just in case you need to be driven away.

  4. Haha! I love these reviews, although You guys have yet to make a game sound absolutely must havable. Its always "This game is quite pretty good mostly usually, but its a pain and hurts and blah"


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