Sonic Dash / Green Hill Zone ROLLER COASTER! (On-Ride POV) High Speed Thrill Ride!!


Ride the NEW Sonic the Hedgehog Roller Coaster based on the global blockbuster video game franchise from Sega.

This Sonic ride is a Hi-Speed Roller Coaster that dashes through the classic South Island’s Green Hill Zone with realistic and unique features like palm trees, waterfalls, plants and crumbling cliffs. Just like the game, this Green Hill Zone Roller Coaster ride also has environmental features and obstacles like ramps, vertical loops, tunnels, spring-boards, spikes, tons of crabmeats and checkpoints!

Designed and created in a video game called Planet Coaster, this Sonic the hedgehog virtual reality ride will definitely make you feel like your in the game and racing thru the obstacle track just like Sonic!

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-Tommy T



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  1. Thanks Everyone for watching my SONIC Coaster! Please check out my other rides here on my channel and let me know what you think! THANK YOU!!!

  2. Está genial, muy sólido!!!, pero sabes que me gustaría ver uno de Mario Bros, o mejor aún de Mario Kart. Soy un clásico fanático. Felicidades por tu trabajo! 👏🏻 👏🏻 My respect for you. 💪🏼 😎

  3. Perhaps Universal Studios could do something similar , but instead of the song it’s the OG Green Hill Zone theme
    Also with a hydraulic launch

  4. Nice content!! You deserve more subscribers. Go and take a look at smzeus!!! It will help you promote your videos!!

  5. Perfectly done. Never played the Sonic games, but know the level designs from videos and watching others play, so your creation "nailed it". I was expecting more speed though considering this is Sonic. Seems a bit slow for his super fast racing. Who did the song? It's really good, though used a bit too many of the "I'm living my best life on Earth" line.

  6. Wow! That was quite a ride! It lasted a lot longer than it first appeared. Amazing, as usual, but if I heard "Here comes the Boom!" one more time, no jury would convict me of what I might have done…

  7. Brilliant! I really love the concept, and it seems well executed, too. A few things could make it even better though:

    1. Add a 4m straight piece of track (no banking, no turn) before and after each LSM and brake section because in real life the magnets under the trains have to line up with the motors
    2. Add a storage station and mock transfer track
    3. Make the block brakes and any launch immediately following a block brake longer as the motors will need a longer distance to accelerate trains from a standstill
    4. Some of the turns do need more banking

  8. What a FUN ride!!! Very creative and I loved the whole environment! You missed your calling ~ you should be designing coasters irl. Glad to have you in our community. Please keep the creative rides coming in 2020! 😀 ~SmilingGal333

  9. Ooooooh, look at that landscaping! Wow! Very Sonic-y!
    Layout is fun, too! I think the movie is going to bomb horribly. It's had horrendous commercials, and I really don't even know what the plot is going to be about or if any actual "humor" will help it survive, but at least we got this coaster to look forward to reriding in 2020! Lol


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