SONY Bravia W800c Review – Android TV


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* Hands on SONY Bravia W80c review from WhatGear

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  1. Not even 5 years and the display is gone and i am here checking out your review. Sony's display is very very expensive too. For the price feel very bad i cant use it anymore.

  2. Bought a KDL-55w800c about 3 years ago and have had problems with it saying no internet connection, I normally turn it off at the wall and it comes right for a month or two, but that's not working now.I've read it can be a common fault. Dear Sonny, goodbye and NEVER!! again…. piece of shite

  3. Bro can u please show us the bluetooth connection of this tv…
    I have this one…but having problem with the bluetooth connection.

  4. I have a KDL55W8000C, when I go for initial setup it got stuck/hangged, i tried several of times by force restarting, the best position i reached to location set up , when i entered location it came back to first screen again.
    I also tried by connecting google, but it sticks to "connecting google" pls advise what to do?
    Thank you.

  5. Review is good but the actual product is worst. tv doesn't start as soon as warranty expires. Now i understood why the dealer insisted on extended warranty. Sony service is worst. Better go for samsung.

  6. My Mr. Rajagopal vadivel from India. I disappointed with the new model. I and my friend purchased the LED TV model no KDL50 800C/2015 but the display system went off within a short period after the validity period of one year. For the new display system replacement, I had to spend 40000/-. It is horrible and unfortunate that the costly item should not break hope of customer. I request people to think before purchase it

  7. it may sound stupid but….i got one for free  whit out remote and whit out cable  on the back of the tv i can not seem to find where to put in the power cable ????

  8. hi, i have a question. im looking for a new tv, and im between this one or a 4k sony x700d. do you know it? can you compare both? i know there is not 4k content, but im not sure if is better the upscaled 4k. sorry my english u.u


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