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* Hands on SONY Bravia W80c review from WhatGear

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32 Replies to “SONY Bravia W800c Review – Android TV”

  1. Not even 5 years and the display is gone and i am here checking out your review. Sony's display is very very expensive too. For the price feel very bad i cant use it anymore.

  2. Bought a KDL-55w800c about 3 years ago and have had problems with it saying no internet connection, I normally turn it off at the wall and it comes right for a month or two, but that's not working now.I've read it can be a common fault. Dear Sonny, goodbye and NEVER!! again…. piece of shite

  3. Bro can u please show us the bluetooth connection of this tv…
    I have this one…but having problem with the bluetooth connection.

  4. i'm very confused of buying smart tv, should i buy samsung curved 40" smart tv or sony w800c android tv?

  5. I have a KDL55W8000C, when I go for initial setup it got stuck/hangged, i tried several of times by force restarting, the best position i reached to location set up , when i entered location it came back to first screen again.
    I also tried by connecting google, but it sticks to "connecting google" pls advise what to do?
    Thank you.

  6. i need help to fix my Sony 43W800c blinking red light no display at all and how can i buy the part to fix it

  7. Review is good but the actual product is worst. tv doesn't start as soon as warranty expires. Now i understood why the dealer insisted on extended warranty. Sony service is worst. Better go for samsung.

  8. My Mr. Rajagopal vadivel from India. I disappointed with the new model. I and my friend purchased the LED TV model no KDL50 800C/2015 but the display system went off within a short period after the validity period of one year. For the new display system replacement, I had to spend 40000/-. It is horrible and unfortunate that the costly item should not break hope of customer. I request people to think before purchase it

  9. it may sound stupid but….i got one for free  whit out remote and whit out cable  on the back of the tv i can not seem to find where to put in the power cable ????

  10. hi, i have a question. im looking for a new tv, and im between this one or a 4k sony x700d. do you know it? can you compare both? i know there is not 4k content, but im not sure if is better the upscaled 4k. sorry my english u.u

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