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FTC: I bought this pair of headphones.

Sony H.Ear On 2 REVIEW
Sony Hear On 2 Review
Sony H900n Review
Sony WH-H900n Review


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  1. Yo thanks for quality content. May i ask what are the songs you are playing for sound tests, they sound awesome 🙏.

  2. Still with my cowin e7 & cowin e7 pro noise canceling headphones the audio quality still can not be matched with having life like sound with awesome noise canceling all in one man you got to try them they are just great for you would not tell they are budget noise canceling headphones at all for me they sound waaaaaaaaay better than the top brands Jim you need to do cowin headphones reviews for the cowin budget noise canceling headphones users!!!!

  3. 8:00 I don't understand the audio test? Did you put a mic inside the Sony ear cups so we could hear what they sounded like? Seriously, I don't get it. What was the audio test testing?

  4. I like these headphones a lot.🌠🌠>JustU.Faith/Sony-Headset?噛   Got them to work in an open office environment. Sometimes I need to drown out the masses (and a whiney ass office dog). They work great. Definitely recommend.

  5. How are these headphones for conference calls? Does the microphone block out ambient noise? Looking for a high quality headset that I can listen to music with and also use for conference calls either in the office around other people talking, or at home in isolation with my family around me making noise.

  6. Does anyone recommend me between Senheiser 4.50r and Sony WH H900n. Which one better? I’m listen to EDM’s , pop, country music and i’m not fans of bass head! Thank you

  7. Your reviews are the best quality I have seen, with a real substance on the details. I like that you not only provide you opinion, but you also offer an immersive experience for us to listen and compare.

    I look forward to a review of the new WH-H910N and sound, ANC and phone call quality comparison to XM3. There is a significant price difference between the WH-H910N at $200 vs the XM3 at a typical Amazon price of around $300, while the tech specs seem very similar between the two.

  8. Thanks for this video. Very helpful review. Which one could you suggest more between the WH900N and the XB900N?

  9. I know this video is old but I have a question. Do these headphones work with the cord when they’re dead or do they have to be charged no matter what?

  10. Quick question, I may be an idiot, but having trouble activating NC and Ambient and moving between the 2. Is there some trick to this? When I press the NC/Ambient button on the left ear piece, it does not light up the light either yellow or green. I can control it through the app.

  11. So I am DONE with looking at reviews online. I just got a pair of these headphones to replace a pair of XB950's which don't have the noise cancelling and this is something I want for flying and studying. These stupidly names HEAR ON 2 came with all sorts of high reviews from all over the place including this guy. I compared these to my older headphones over 10 songs from different genres. The HEAR ON 2 are treble harsh. The high ends are far too much across all the music types I listened to. Voices are harsh. So much so it was not nice to listen to. YES I tried varying equalizer presets and it didn't help. The xb950's are warm, these are not!!! You can pick out more sounds on the HEAR ON2 but they way they do it is far too harsh. Also to note….BLEEEEEEEED….If you plan on getting killed by the person sitting next to you, wear these motherf@@kers because the sound bleed is awful. My wife was wearing these and I could hear everything in the song. The vocals, the highs, the lows….EVERYTHING! With the same song, same volume on my XB950's you could barely hear a thing. From this reviews you would think these were something amazing, something you'd look at an instantly get a semi. Foe me they are shit. I have no idea what this guy or others are on about. Far too harsh sounding, trebles are tooooooo much all of the time regardless of the presets and the bleed is disgusting awful. My search continues.

  12. could you please review the new H.Ear On 3? I'm really into them but would love to get a honest review! thanks


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